Dec 262010

This will be short, but sweet. It concerns 7th Nemesis, a French band we’ve written about before. We sang the praises of their 2008 album, Archetype of Natural Violence, here, and then in late August we reported that the band was on the verge of releasing a new album, two songs from which were available for listening on their MySpace page.

Now we’ve learned that 7th Nemesis has made the entire new album available for streaming on their official site, which you can access via this link. The album is called Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow. It features that very nice piece of artwork up above, plus seven songs of unpredictable, technical, progressive, inventive-as-hell death metal. Damn, is it good. If you’ve only got time for a sample, listen to “Distorted Mass”. It will twist your brain into a Rubic’s Cube.

The album is also streaming at MySpace and on the band’s Facebook page.  No precise word on when or how the album will become available for acquisition, but we assume it will be soon. You can expect a review here on NCS.

  4 Responses to “7TH NEMESIS: ANOTHER UPDATE”

  1. Oh, fuck yes! When I get back later on tonight, I’m gonna have to plop my ass down, put on the headphones (out of courtesy to my neighbors) and take a listen or three.

  2. I like it. But it’s also missing something. I stand by my earlier statement (last time you posted about them) in that not having Sargon on the vocals makes 7th Nemesis like a different band. I thought he did a damn fine job and the spastic vocals really worked once you got used to them,

    That’s not to say that Greg doesn’t do a great job. Quite the opposite actually. It can’t be easy to change vocalists and I doubt it’s easy to find someone who can do what Sargon did. Greg actually reminds me a lot of Phil Anselmo with a deeper howl. Plus, there are advantages to having a voice that isn’t all over the place.

    Anyone getting into the band now should have no problem. Some to whom 7th Nemesis is no stranger might not have a problem either. This is awesome sounding material. It might take a bit to get used to the change, but I don’t think that’s going to be too difficult once I’ve had a chance to listen a bit more. I guess I’m just one of those who gets stuck at first when there’s someone new at the mic. Odd that it should come with a band like 7th Nemesis instead of some of the other material that’s in my usual listening (a lot of power and progressive metal these days, some of them with their own lineup changes to endure).

    As for the new album, so far it’s “Reverse Engineering” that’s caught my attention the most. The rest of the album is good, this one rose above the rest. Maybe because it seems to me to fit the prog part of the “extreme prog metal” on their website better than any of the other tracks.

    • I agree — this is a super-strong album, but the change in vocalists does change the overall impression significantly, and I suspect will make it more accessible to a broader range of listeners. I’m really liking “Reverse Engineering”, too.

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