Sep 022010

(Thinking out loud, which is how we do our best thinking. And possibly our only thinking.) Ah, what have we hear? Why, it’s new metal! Should we listen? Let’s weigh the pro’s and con’s.

On the plus side: It’s an EP from Burning Ghats. We sure liked the last thing from them we heard (see our review here). Maybe this will be good, too. They also have another cool album cover to go with the music. We like pretty album covers. We especially like the big crab. Lots of times, eye-catching album covers mean good music.

Also, we can download the EP from our favorite online distribution platform, Bandcamp. And Burning Ghats have set up the download with one of those pay-whatever-you-like choices. Awesome!

Now, what about the con’s? Fuck, we can only think of one negative — we don’t have enough fucking time to listen to all the fucking music we want to hear! Even though we’ve shoved all music other than extreme metal out of our lives, there’s still not enough fucking time! If we listen to this, it means we won’t be listening to something else today.

Well, that’s a pretty piss-poor reason not to hear this EP. We can carve out more time today by ignoring our friends more than usual, going to the bathroom less, and cutting back (more) on sleep. Besides, there’s always tomorrow to listen to other music, right? We won’t die in our sleep or get cut down crossing the street, most likely. So there — problem solved!  (more after the jump, of course . . .)

Man, that wasn’t such a hard decision to make. Wish all decisions were this easy.

Oh fuck, another decision to make over at the Bandcamp site! Have to decide whether to pay these dudes anything for their music. Let’s see, on the one hand, we’re made of money here at NCS. On the other hand, these guys are probably starving to death, eating their own shoes, living in abandoned tenements, begging for gas money on Vancouver street corners.

By paying something, we might single-handedly keep them from turning to a life of crime! If we don’t pay something, one of ’em might try to rob a liquor store to make ends meet and then end up in some stinkhole of a Canadian jail getting gang-raped by a bunch of fucking Aryan Nation animals. Man, we can’t have that on our conscience! Have to pay some money for this EP!

Shit, we already feel better. Just saved some metalheads from living out their days as crack whores for gang rapists. Our good deed for the day!

Okay now, what have we got here? Looks like four songs, a little more than 10 minutes total. Have to stop thinking now. Can’t think and listen to metal at the same time.

(pause for about 10 minutes.)

Oh, man! That is some freaked-out shit! Our cat just passed out in the corner. Wonder if he’ll come to? That big fucking fly that’s been in the house the last two days is now motionless on my desk with its feet up in the air. Serves that fucker right.

Shit, did I just kick all the furniture around the room and break dishes? Don’t remember the room looked like this 10 minutes ago.

Better listen to this again.

(another 10-minute pause.)

I think I just hurt my head some way. How did that head-sized hole get in the wall? At least it looks like the cat came back to life. Wonder if he’ll come down off the ceiling. Didn’t know cats could hang upside down with their claws in a ceiling. Amazing, really. Man, I hope he doesn’t decide to take a leak while he’s up there.

Fucking fly is now liquified in a pool of its own guts. Serves that fucker right.

That music. Grindcore mayhem — lots of distorted, screaming, pounding guitars with the chords flying all over hell and back. The fretwork on the bass is just as furious, and all sorts of interesting variations in the drumming. Blazing fast — punk intensity and thrashy rhythms, but with some unpredictable tempo changes here and there. Shit, I think I broke some more furniture during that last listen.

And the vocals, holy shit! Dude sounds like someone’s pulling his intestines out with hot pincers. I hope he’s okay.

Wonder if we should put one of these songs up on our site? Might cause some heart failure or stroke in some of our readers. Wonder if we should warn ’em? Nah, they’re big boys and girls. They can change their underwear later. And about time they did, too. Let’s see . . . how ’bout this one:

Burning Ghats: Missing Persons

[Editor’s note: Fool’s Gold and the band’s 2009 demo can be streamed in their entirety and downloaded from the Burning Ghats Bandcamp page at this location. Secure your pets before listening.]

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