Sep 122010

A little more than a week ago, we joined forces with the Netherlands-based metal blog Death Metal Baboon (DMB) to sponsor a contest. We invited our readers to submit their most inspired names for a gut-busting burger concocted by DMB’s Niek that those of us here at NCS had the pleasure of reproducing in all its glory for our own delectation. (The story of how that happened and how the contest came into existence can be found here.)

DMB and NCS agreed to contribute the following CDs as a prize for the winner:

KataklysmHeaven’s Venom

NeurosisEnemy of the Sun (2010 reissue)

Ion DissonanceCursed

Decrepit BirthPolarity

Demonic RessurectionThe Return to Darkness

Red DescendingWhere Dreams Come to Die

Chronic XornDeath Destruction Sermon

Symbol of Obscurityn.N.i.M.m.

The Way of PurityCrosscore

We got some outstanding name suggestions from NCS and DMB readers, and selecting the winner wasn’t easy. But we do have a winner, and his name is Dan. (more after the jump . . .)

Based on another comment from him, Dan appears to be a U.S. resident who is currently studying abroad in the Australian town of Adelaide, home of some very good metal bands, including the Guantanamo Bay City Rollers and Orphans of the Sky.

And Dan’s winning entry was: THE BASS DROP DELUXE (aka The 808Burger) “because it has roughly the same effect on your stomach.” Dan’s choice got the edge not only because eating Niek’s burger is the gastronomical equivalent of a bass drop but also because a discussion about bass drops in the comments of an earlier post was what eventually led to this whole burger contest thing in the first place.

To all the other people who submitted name suggestions, thank you! You gave us some big laffs. To Dan, as soon as we figure out where Australia is, Niek and I will be sending your CDs by a form of delivery guaranteed to reach you at some point before the onset of the next Ice Age.

Niek has posted the recipe for THE BASS DROP DELUXE at the DMB site. Happy gorging!


  1. I still need to make an 808 one of these days. If I stay true to the recipe, I may have to get a 6 pack of Grolsch and hope for the best, since I can’t find it singly anywhere in town. I may have to cheat a bit with the bun and maybe the cheese too, but I do have pineapple – I bought some with the intention of making this burger, plus it goes good on pizza with ham.

    • Yeah, the bun and the cheese are the real challenges to find. You can find smoked gouda pretty easily in decent grocery stores, but just regular gouda is tough unless you find a real deli. And forget about locating a cheese-onion roll. Straight onion buns are a little easier to locate. The Grolsch is hearty for a lager — definitely not a “light beer” kind of taste, so you might be guided by that. I thought it was great, though I’m not a big beer drinker.

  2. It’s my favorite beer. Bit of “chauvinism” involved there though. The cheese-onion buns you could of course make yourself. Just bake buns (find an appropriate recipe, as I have no clue how to do that) and put onion rings and then slices of cheese on top. You’ll need the Gouda again though, so that’s your main challenge. But believe me, it’s a tasty bugger 🙂

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