Sep 152010

Man, time really flies. It was January 25 when we wrote a post about an unsigned band we had just discovered called Sight of Emptiness — a melodic death metal band from Costa Rica, of all places. There were then three songs from a forthcoming album streaming on the band’s MySpace page, and we liked what we heard. We also found a video of one song and put it up on our site.

Sight of Emptiness has had an eventful eight months since then. That album (the band’s second) is now out — it’s called Absolution of Humanity, and it was mastered by Jens Bogren, who has worked with the likes of Opeth, Soilwork, Bloodbath, Katatonia, Symphony X, and Amon Amarth.

Also, on May 9, Sight of Emptiness opened for Megadeth at Autodromo La Guacima in San Jose, Costa Rica, playing before 15,000 people. That must have been a huge kick in the ass for these guys, though they have previously been hand-picked by Dark Tranquillity and Amon Amarth to open for them in previous Costa Rica performances.

And in June, Sight of Emptiness won an award for “Best Metal Album” at the ACAM Awards in San Jose (ACAM is the Costa Rica equivalent of ASCAP in the U.S.).

And today they’ve released a professionally filmed and edited video of the band performing a song called “Burning Silence” at that Megadeth concert in May. It’s a cool song, the video is fun to watch, and this is a band that deserves some recognition.  The video is after the jump.  Take a look . . .

The songs on Absolution of Humanity can be downloaded at iTunes or at CDBaby (here), and both CDBaby and Amazon are selling the physical CD.  Sight of Emptiness is still looking for a label . . . .


  1. That intro kicked ass, but the rest of the song’s pretty decent too. Hell, if they got to open for the likes of Megadeth, Dark Tranquillity and Amon Amarth, there has to be something for a label to look into to get these guys promoted. They sound like a well seasoned band here and I’m going to check them out further when I have some more time to poke around.

    Seriously, Islander… you need to post more crap that I don’t end up liking. While I haven’t splurged on tunes because of you, the list is growing longer and longer on a nearly daily basis and my wallet won’t be happy when it’s time to trim it down a bit.

    • Thank you! I feel the same way. Before I started this blog, I had favorites I just listened to over and over again and was perfectly happy, and every now and then I’d find something new that I also liked and would add it to my music-player. What I’ve discovered since we started NCS is that there’s an incredible amount of good metal out there, and sometimes I just feel overwhelmed by the volume. I wonder sometimes whether writing about new bands really is a service or just a needless complication to our readers’ lives. Because, seriously, there’s no way most people can afford to go out and buy everything we write about, even if they dig it. And that’s without taking into account all the other metal blogs out there with people writing about what they like, too. Is there a saturation point? Absolutely!

      • Well, that’s something I’ve touched upon previously in some of my comments, but fortunately you and your cohorts have presented us with mostly good stuff in the vast landscape of today’s metal scene. And it’s not a big deal that you cover a lot of bands; they’re deserving of attention, even if they aren’t all going to be something readers go out and buy. I do like that you aim to find bands that might otherwise go missed because of location or whatever labels might be attached to them; I think you do as good a job as any other site/blog that strives to do the same.

        While we may make fun of a few bands that appear in these posts, it’s a far cry from what can be found in posts and comments elsewhere, which often wander into inappropriate-land or devolves into prick waving by a few keyboard warriors. And it spreads.

        We just go off topic a lot here.

        • I like the going-off-topic tendencies of people who comment here — it leads to really interesting places. And as I assume everyone knows by now, we generally prefer to leave the prick-waving to other sites. Our DNA contains too much sap and not enough venom to pull that off.

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