Sep 222010

We’ve displayed our dog-like devotion to Boston’s Revocation many times at this site. They’re an extremely talented group of musicians and song-writers, and they’re in the vanguard of modern extreme metal with a technical blend of death and thrash that’s both head-spinning and massively infectious.

We’ve had shitloads of fun at both of the Seattle shows where we’ve seen them perform, in part because they look like they’re having so much fun when they’re playing and in part because they’re just so fucking good. In fact, we’d crawl across broken glass to see them play live. Fortunately, Seattle’s metal venues don’t yet require crawling as the price of admission and they do a pretty good job keeping the sidewalks clear of broken glass.

Revocation has released two albums to date, 2008’s Empire of the Obscene and last year’s Existence Is Futile. We’d have a hard time picking which one of those is our favorite even at gunpoint. Fortunately, we only know one dude who actually owns a gun, and he wouldn’t threaten us with a gun to find out which of those albums is our favorite. At least we don’t think he would. On the other hand, the fact that he owns a gun means, by definition, that all the wiring in his brain isn’t connected up as it should be. Plus, everyone knows the old saying: “Guns don’t kill people. Metal albums kill people.”

Where were we?  Oh yeah, Revocation. Well, as of a few hours ago, Revocation has released a new performance video of the song “ReaniManiac”, which is being exclusively premiered at the Jackson Guitars web site. In connection with that premiere, Jackson is also sponsoring the giveaway of The Jackson/Revocation JS32 Warrior™ Guitar. So, if you play guitar, or if you just want to stare longingly at one in your room, you can go there and enter your name in the contest.

If all you want to do is watch the video — which you should do — you can do that right here at NCS . . . after the jump.

Yes, we did say that Jackson Guitars was “exclusively” premiering the video, but we have our ways. I guess this means that we’re undermining the exclusivity idea, but we like to hog our readers’ attention for as long as possible and not send them off across the internet via a link to see the video. Plus, the internet is a scary place, and something bad could happen to you if you leave this site.

So, here’s Revocation’s brand new live video for “ReaniManiac”. It looks like it was also filmed live at The Church in Boston during the band’s record release show for Existence Is Futile. Pretty much like the last Revocation video we put up here at NCS. It fucking rocks.

  2 Responses to “REVOCATION: NEW VIDEO”

  1. First of all, thanks for the video Islander, Revocation is awesome. Second of all, I just checked their myspace and holy shit, I am missing so many good tours in the US right now. I totally forgot they were touring with Despised Icon and Misery Index – that is one hell of a lineup. And then there’s Rotting Christ. And then there’s Trap Them and Every Time I Die. Holy shit, so much good music.

    • Yes indeed, I have Oct 3 circled in red on my calendar — the day that Revocation tour plays Seattle. Howl is also on that “Shit Happens” tour with Trap Them and Every Time I Die, and I would dearly love to see that one. Unfortunately, although that tour is playing towns like Omaha and Las Cruces, it ain’t coming anywhere near Seattle. Boo.

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