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Musica Diablo is a relatively new band based in São Paulo, Brazil, with a self-titled debut album that’s been on the streets since late May.  We got interested in these dudes shortly before that album dropped and put up a post about them (here). What interested us?

Well, first, the band’s vocalist is Derrick Green, who’s been the frontman for Sepultura since 1997.  Second, the band has described its music as “Jurassic thrash”, or, somewhat more descriptively as “extreme fast thrash metal, with with the characteristic Brazilian style and a strong root into the 80’s veteran veterans.” And third, the album cover by Gustavo Sazes was damned cool (we’re featuring the South American variant cover up above).

So, all that was enough to draw our attention to the band — particularly that bit about “Jurassic thrash”. We wrote this about our initial reactions to the music in May:  “We’ve been listening, and let’s just say it will kick your ass all the way up to your shoulder-blades. The music is blistering in its intensity and speed and features some cool dueling guitar solos — and Derrick Green’s raspy howls and guttural growls are skull-scrapingly vicious.”

Since then, we’ve listened to the entire album, and all our initial impressions were vindicated. The album is joltingly good, and we get the “Jurassic thrash” reference: It’s like a pack of velociraptors on the hunt.

And as of yesterday, we now have some video of the band performing songs from the album. To be precise, Musica Diablo performed a handful of songs from their debut on the September 15, 2010 episode of “Estúdio Showlivre”, a Brazilian Internet TV show. We picked two clips to show you after the jump, and more song performances can be viewed on YouTube.

The sound quality on these clips is excellent. You miss the vibrancy that comes with a live performance in front of an audience, with the performers and the fans feeding off each other’s energy, but even these studio shots give you a vivid taste of what Musica Diablo can do. Check it out:

Musica Diablo was started by guitarist Andre NM (of Brazilian hardcore band Nitrominds) in early 2008, and the rest of the line-up consists of Derrick Green, drummer Edu Nicollini (also of Nitrominds),  second guitarist André Curci (KorzusThreat), and bassist Ricardo Brigas.

  3 Responses to “JURASSIC THRASH”

  1. Nice to see/hear that Musica Diablo can get it done in a live setting. Of course, seeing them in front of a live audience would present a better picture of what these guys can accomplish, this works out nicely and it’s good to have decent audio (I’m guessing the video is getting the audio from the mixing board) instead of shit quality from a webcam or cell phone.

    Some interesting Google ads showed up in these videos. Like finding Miley Cyrus’ music. Yeah, that’s a killer combo to have, Derrick Green and Hannah Montana!

    • I didn’t even notice that ad, which is a hysterical combination. I’m having fun imagining a double live bill of Musica Diablo and Hannah Montana, except neither group of fans would know about the appearance of the other performer. All the fans would just show up, stare at each other, wondering what the fuck is up, and then be required to stay through both sets.

  2. Second song is awesome! Cool soloing.

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