Nov 082010

As previously reported, I am leaving on vacation tomorrow. I will not be blogging while I’m gone. To help prevent NCS from going dark until I get back, I put out an open invitation last week for guest blog submissions. I’ve gotten a good response from readers and even a few band members — we will have some interesting shit for you to read while I’m away.

But there’s still room for more — with a catch. If you intend to send me something that we could post while I’m away, please send it to me by tonight. Given how much shit I still need to do before we leave for the airport tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow morning will probably be too late.

HOWEVER — if you’re writing something but you can’t get it to me by tonight, send it anyway. We’ll run everything we get, when I return — as long as it otherwise conforms to the conditions we outlined in last week’s invitation for posts (which you can read at this location.)

Now please enjoy today’s regular, non-nagging post immediately below this one. That is all.


  1. Damn, i’m not going to be able to get ANY of my submissions in tonight, have spent the entire day in court and haven’t slept since Norway.

    Any other email address I can send stuff to, one of your co-writers perhaps, who might publish it for me? I managed to get a few photos of the Dark Tranquillity gig to run along with the review as well.

    • Sorry about those troubles. Go ahead and send me what you’re working on when it’s done. If i can’t get a dispensation from my better half to handle it when it comes in, I’ll see if one of the other two NCS folks will do it.

  2. Nag, nag, nag!

    I have three things almost ready for you, so you should see them in your inbox sometime tonight after I get back from work and can finish them up. One of the hard drives from the other computer is toast, forcing me to start that one (which I was working on before you announced your vacation time) over from memory.

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