Nov 182010

[Just in case we ran short of quality guest contributions to use while I was away, I wrote a few brief pieces before leaving. They’re called “teasers” because they’re just brief tastes of new albums that I’d like to review for NCS when I get back — because they’re really good. Of course, I have the attention span of a gnat, so there’s a chance I’ll never do that, and these teasers will be all I accomplish.]

This is the fourth teaser. The first one was about The Secret. The second was about Blood of Kingu, The third one was about Melechesh. This one is a taste of the new album by:

The Band: The Wretched End

The Band’s Location: Norway

The Album: Ominous

Label: Nocturnal Art Productions, with marketing and distribution worldwide through Candlelight Records

The Band’s MySpace page:

Brief notes:  This band is a collaboration between Samoth (Emperor/ Zyklon) on lead and rhythm guitar, and Cosmo (Mindgrinder) on lead and rhythm guitar plus bass and vocals — those two previously worked together on a deathpunk project called Scum — plus Nils Fjellström (Dark Funeral, In Battle, Aeon) as the drummer. Some very nice death/thrash played by people who know what the fuck they’re doing.

Here’s a track:

The Wretched End: Red Forest Alienation

  3 Responses to “A TEASER: THE WRETCHED END”

  1. this album fuckin rules ,!..! ,!..!

  2. I only listened to a few songs before I left on vacation, and I’m really stoked to hear the rest of it!

  3. I have gotten a hold of it recently, been listening to it for the last couple of days. Really, really enjoying it. Then again i’ve enjoyed the strange semi-linear progression of Myrkskog-Zyklon-The Wretched End (plus Myrkskog reforming, after realising perhaps that Zyklon sounded exactly like Myrkskog, ha) so that’s not too surprising.

    I wonder however if i’m the only one who sees a lot of similarities in sound and direction between this album and the latest one by Daath? Yes, there are clear differences, but they’re also clearly operating in the same general area.

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