Dec 152010

We’re not doing a Finland Tribute Week post today because we’re working on the final two posts in the series for tomorrow and Friday. We tried to bribe your patience with a THAT’S METAL! post. Can’t hurt to sweeten the bribe, though. So here’s news about a new song from The Man-Eating Tree.

The Man-Eating Tree are from Finland, so we do have that connection to our ongoing tribute. They feature former Sentenced drummer Vesa Ranta plus current or former members of Poisonblack, Reflexion, and Embraze. We first listened to their music for a MISCELLANY post we did back in August (here), and liked what we heard, even though their brand of atmospheric, cleanly sung metal isn’t what we usually consume. When we started the Finland tribute series, we found out that a lot of you really like this band.

So, you might be interested to know that Century Media is making available a new song from the band available for free download. It’s called “Vultures”, and it post-dates the music recorded for the band’s September 2010 debut, Vines. If you want to get it, go here. But be forewarned — you have to share a link on Facebook or Twitter to get the download, i.e., help Century Media publicize the band. The download link will be active until December 31.

If you’re not crazy about the terms of exchange for that download, just wait a few hours, and someone will surely put the track up on YouTube. In the meantime, all you tree-like man-eaters out there might like the video we’ve got after the jump. 

This video is fan-filmed footage of The Man-Eating Tree performing the song “Of Birth For Passing” on November 9, 2010 at Musikzentrum in Hannover, Germany. The quality of the video is decent, it’s a pretty song, and Tuomas Tuominen can definitely sing. We would like this even better if it were less pretty and Tuominen were growling like a hungry badger. 🙂

  10 Responses to “THE MAN-EATING TREE: A NEW SONG”

  1. Jesus christ this week has been a fucking long one. I haven’t liked a single band you’ve talked about. Nope, not even Children of Bodom.

    • Man, I hate to say this, but you’re not going to like tomorrow’s bands either. Not even close. I will have to do something to amp up the nastiness quotient on Friday.

    • Fuck Friday, I’m going to make it up to you tomorrow.

      • Oh, fuck that dude. Don’t change shit up for me! Continue with the program, I can wait ’till friday my man, my metal library is big as it is.

        • NO! Your comment was a wake-up call. We’re going to forge ahead with what we’d already prepared for Finland Tribute Week tomorrow — but I’m doing something else for tomorrow, too — something that will take us back to what NCS is mainly about. I’m feeling better already!

          • Oh shucks. This is better than christmas!

            Didn’t mean to stir anything up guys, just throwing my opinion into the pot. Sorry for anyone who’s loving this week at NCS! My personal contact info isn’t too hard to find.

  2. *Sigh* You know I’m dedicated when a week of music I dont like doesn’t push me away from this site.

    And a little bit crazy when I actually clicked on Genki-Genki. Ugh.

  3. Thanks for mentioning this – I hadn’t seen this yet. I don’t care for the trend of using Twitter/Facebook links to get a song download, but for this, I made an exception. It was worth it; “Vultures” is a great song that would have gone great with the rest of Vine, but sometimes you have to know when to stop.

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