Dec 162010

What?  You thought we’d let you forget?  Perish the thought.  Yes, the new Septic Flesh single that we told you was on the way is now out and available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

This time of year, various metal artists release songs to commemorate “the holiday season”, but not many release one like this. Odds are, you won’t be hearing “Vampire From Nazareth” mixed in with the carols at the mall. Or mixed in with carols anywhere else.

It starts with a brief symphonic overture and a soprano vocal and then the song kicks into gear. It’s bombastic, and dark, and furious, and melodic. As was true on the band’s last album, Communion, Septic Flesh employs a full orchestra to add symphonic elements, without losing the intensity of its blackened death-metal assault. It makes us even more hungry for the new album scheduled for arrival on April 18, 2011 (one day later in the U.S.).

By the way, in case you don’t know, Seth Siro Anton, who’s the bassist and vocalist for Septic Flesh, is also quite a talented artist. Not only did he create that eye-catching artwork for the “Vampire” single up above, he has created album covers and merch art for many, many other bands you’ve heard of, and what he does never fails to be visually arresting.

As you know, album art is a big deal to us at NCS — an aspect of metal music we hope never dies out despite the dominance of download culture. Periodically, we devote our blog space to featuring metal album art from artists whose work we admire. Today seemed like a good day to do that for the work of Mr. Anton. So, get an eyeful after the jump, and for even more examples, visit his MySpace page. And just in case Septic Flesh is new to you, we’ve added one of the songs from Communion just before the artwork.


  1. Awesome awesome covers!

  2. Holy shit those were amazing!!!

    I loved the paradise lost covers….

  3. This is one of those bands I’ve heard so much about, but never listened to. Just dropped by YouTube and put on “Sangreal” from Communion and jebus…this is bloody awesome.

    Need to get more of these guys!

  4. Wow, I did NOT know he’d done all those different covers. Some of my favourites in there…

    Although I always thought that the Paradise Lost live cd/dvd cover was wayyy too close to the last Mercenary album cover, done my Niklas Sundin…

    Still, Septic Flesh are amazing, i’m working on collecting their entire discogrophy. I have Mystic Places Of Dawn, Revolution DNA, Sumerian Demons and Communion and the quality is consistently high. Although they do always have that one song that’s a bit “rock-ier” than the others, on every album!

    • I need to do the same thing. Communion is the only album I know. Are the older albums similar in style, or has there been a change?

      • The only Septic Flesh album I know besides Communion is Esoptron and it’s very different in style, a bit like
        early Rotting Christ or Varathron but with more technical and melodic guitarwork. I prefer the older style, but the
        new stuff isn’t bad at all. The new album cover is really ugly, though. Seth has made some nice album covers,
        like the cover of Communion, but in general, I don’t like his style very much.

        • Sorry for the bad spacing in my last post. For some reason, the comment field doesn’t display properly on my PC.

          • Don’t worry about it. It rarely displays properly for me either and that’s why there are usually spelling mistakes at the ends of each line, as I can’t see them!


            “Sumerian Demons” is pretty close ins tyle, though not as grandiose.

            “Revolution DNA” is a bit more… electronic and keyboard-y than full orchestal but still similar in many ways.

            And “Mystic Places Of Dawn” is actually (I think) very reminiscent of “Communion” albeit a lot smaller in sound and scope. I can see where the Rotting Christ comparisons come froma s well though.

            I like Greek metal.

        • @ “Sorry for the bad spacing in my last post. For some reason, the comment field doesn’t display properly on my PC.”: That is one problem with the way this WordPress theme configures the comment threads. As you continue to reply, the comments become more and more indented and you can’t see what you’re writing. There’s probably a way to make replies default to the same margins as original comments, but that would mean me actually working to solve a problem, which means it won’t happen.

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