Feb 142011

You can’t say no one gave you a Valentine today. Not only did we give you one, in the form of an Amorphis video and a nice skull-with-flowers card, but Amon Amarth have given you one, too.

It’s evident that Amon Amarth is a huge favorite at this site, so we thought it was worth alerting you to the fact that within the last hour, Metal Blade has released another track from Surtur Rising — the new album due for release on March 29. This one is called “Slaves of Fear”. Here’s what AA’s drummer Fredrik Andersson had to say about the song:

“‘Slaves Of Fear’ is not the all-typical Amon Amarth song. It was one of the last songs we finished for the album and what makes this song a little bit different is the collaboration between me and [guitarist] Olavi [Mikkonen] as songwriters. Usually, most songs are written by Olavi and [guitarist] Johan [Söderberg]. It’s definitely one of the darkest songs we’ve ever written and the main/intro riff is my personal tribute to the passing of Ronnie James Dio as the riff came to me after listening to Holy Diver. Lyrically, it’s about how religions keep people under its control and  from thinking for themselves. It includes some of the most angry lyrics [vocalist] Johan [Hegg] has written and they kind of remind me of ‘The Sound Of Eight Hooves’ [off 2001’s The Crusher full-length] in a way. It works exceptionally well with the melancholic feel of the riffs.”

I sure wish we could stick the song right here for you to hear, but that will have to wait — because for now, it’s streaming exclusively at the Deciblog. But much as we hate to ever send you away from NCS, you really ought to hear this song. So — here is the link.

UPDATE: Now we’ve got the song for you to hear at NCS –right after the jump.

  11 Responses to “AMON AMARTH: “SLAVES OF FEAR””

  1. Anti-religious, not typical Amon Amarth Amon Amarth? Nice.

    I like this riff too…it really does sound like a traditional metal song filtered through the ears of Amon Amarth.

  2. This has a sick vibe to it that I really like…

  3. Holy Diver indeed. I can hear it. Though I like this loads and loads more than I like Holy Diver. This is going to be one hell of a kick-fuckin’-ass album maties!

  4. Just what I needed. A little Amon Amarth to brighten the day.

  5. I can’t wait till this album is released. Based on the two song sneak peek, it will kick ass like a motherfucker.

    • March 29 is just way too far off. The only good news is that, with more than a month left to go, we’re bound to see another single or two surface before the release date. I want more ear-candy handouts.

  6. We found a quality YouTube clip of the new song that we’ve now embedded in our post. Man, it’s worth hearing again.

  7. This is not fucking fair! I need to hear this song but I’m on a course this week and the computers provided have no sound or flash installed, fuckers!! Also I refuse to pay £13.50 a day for internet/porn in my hotel room.
    Guess I’ll be forced to wait then.

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