Feb 282011

It takes very damned little provocation for me to post about Amorphis. I’ve got no new music for you to hear. All I have is the just-released cover for the band’s next album and a few morsels of additional information about it: It will be called The Beginning of Times, it will include 12 songs, it will be released by Nuclear Blast at the end of May, and a single called “You I Need” will be released in April.

Yes, the giant egg suspended above our metallic world is about to hatch, ushering forth the awe-inspiring, Phoenix-like Amorphis bird, fully formed and shrieking its heavenly cries to the skies, and before the glorious hatching a few drops of golden Phoenix-like albumen will be allowed to escape and bathe our anxious, upturned faces in its golden elixir, comforting us in the message from the firebird inside, “You I Need!”

Actually, it’s not really the egg of a Phoenix pictured in Travis Smith‘s album art, which is intended to interpret the mythological birth of the world from the egg of a goldeneye (for more details about the creation myth in the Finnish national epic, Kalevala, go here), but I’m not being graded on this thing. Am I?

Hey, sorry about all the egg metaphors. I promise, I’m finn-ished with them. My Monday work-day has turned my brain to uncooked yolk. Oops! Well, anyway, since I’ve now got Amorphis on my yolk-like mind, I might as well play a couple of videos.  (after the jump . . .)


  1. Dude, you really shouldda put some of their heavier stuff up there as well… I prefer their growl songs to the clean ones, and am hoping they go back to that. 🙂


  2. I hope I’m right and that the new album is a move towards their heavier side. As I’ve said before, Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes and Magic And Mayhem showed that Amorphis is more than capable of playing the way they used to, while songs like “Legendary Beast” and “Godlike Machine” from Skyforger seem to indicate that they aren’t afraid to do the same with new material.

    Of course, I’ll have to wait and see what they have to offer in the form of teasers, videos/singles and such. Even if they don’t wander back musically in the direction of the first half of their discography, the new album should be worth picking up. But if it’s more like Amorphis’ breed of death metal… well, even better.

    • It will be interesting to see what kind of song “You I Need” turns out to be. Whatever it is, it may not be representative of the rest of the album, but as the first song selected for release, it will send a consciously chosen signal to fandom. I’ll make sure to put it up here as soon as it appears . . .

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