Mar 092011

I just stumbled across two sampler collections of metal that have become available for free download on Amazon MP3 over the last few days. Unfortunately, these collections are on the U.S. version of, and people outside the U.S. therefore probably can’t do the downloads.  Maybe they will be available on whatever Amazon site, if any, that’s accessible where you are.

SAMPLER 1: Here’s what’s available on the first sampler, which at least US denizens can access here.  (The track list on the second sampler is after the jump.)


This next sampler is a compilation by Nuclear Blast, and it’s also free. The download is available at this location. Here’s the track list:


  1. Downloaded! These are miles and miles better than the Metalhit freebies (which I was just ripping into over on PB) – thanks for making me take a second look and get these. Even the silly shit (Vampires Everywhere?) gets balanced out by Deicide, Woods of Ypres, Belphegor…

  2. But its got a track by Winds of Plague….once something like that gets on your computer is like having herpes…you can never get rid of the taint

    • That was a genuine coffee-spewing-through-the-nose comment. I have to learn not to be drinking anything when I check the comments on this site.

  3. Australia Lucked out! Maybe next time! Cheers anyway!

  4. I call false advertising on sampler 1.

    Vampries Everywhere are not metal.

    I also call false advertising on Vampirs Everywere as there are not, in fact, vampires anywhere.

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