Mar 262011

Okay, I’m fully awake now. I was getting there rapidly after listening to that new song from Tombs (see immediately previous post today). And then I saw this new video from California’s Nails, and that brought me to a state of full alertness, or at least as alert as I ever get, which come to think of it is only about as alert as a pupa in a chrysalis.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, the new video from Nails. It’s for the song called “Conform/Scum Will Rise” from their killer album Unsilent Death on Southern Lord. It’s about a minute-and-a-half of rancid grindcore with a nice little change of pace at the end. It will tear the skin from your face. What a nice way to wake up (thank you Metal Injection).


  1. My face is ripped and awake.
    But they should change their name to warm fuzzy kittens. And have videos to match.

  2. It’s the first two songs off the album, just being a nazi, haha. Awesome for posting it up bro, love these guys.

    • The third typo in three days running (song instead of songs). This one wasn’t even funny. I’m putting our copy editor in solitary confinement until this shit stops. 🙂

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