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I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve listened to Nervecell’s debut album Preaching Venom since I got my hands on it in 2008. In the sophisticated journalist jargon we use here at NCS, it’s fucking awesome. Nervecell’s second album, Psychogenocide, has already hit the streets in the Middle East (Nervecell is from Dubai in the UAE). It will be released via Lifeforce Records on April 29th 2011 in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and on May 2nd 2011 in the rest of Europe & the UK.  I don’t yet know the plans for distribution in NorthAm.

As we learned through that most excellent metal blog Metality, the band have posted a new song from Psychogenocide for streaming. I had planned to spend my day listening to other things, but this song has trashed those plans. I suppose I’ll eventually tire of pressing “play” over and over again, but I’m not there yet.

The song is called “All Eyes On Them”. If you’re a fan of bands like Nile, Origin, Behemoth, or Deicide, I can pretty much guarantee this song is going to love you long time, or vice-versa. It churns and blasts in a tasty fusion of death metal and thrash, but it also includes a slower-paced instrumental breakdown with a nice little Eastern-flavored guitar solo. And speaking of Nile, Karl Sanders provides guest vocals on a song called “Shunq”, which will include both English and Arabic lyrics, and it appears that Psycroptic‘s Dave Haley laid down the drum tracks for the album, as he did on the band’s debut. The album cover is rad, too. Check out the artwork and the song after the jump.

Oh, and speaking of Origin, we have the cover of their next album — and a release date — also after the jump.

First, the Nervecell album cover:

Now, for the new Nervecell song. It’s the first one on this ReverbNation widget, which will also give you the chance to hear some brain-wreckers from Nervecell’s first album.

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Click here to order the new album through the official Nervecell online store; they take PayPal and ship worldwide.

You can visit Nervecell on MyspaceFacebook

And now, the cover art for the next album by Origin, Entity, created by Colin Marks:

And now the Origin news:

Entity will be released on June 7 in North America and June 10 in Europe via Nuclear Blast Records. And here’s some vivid verbiage about the cover and the album by Origin drummer John Longstrength:

“As you can see, this time there’s no aliens, no scary faces, no silly comic book imagery, no bullshit. It’s back to basics for the people that don’t fall for, or appreciate, bullshit trends that currently compromise the validity of this art.

“Let this album cover with its grey, dead, coldness reflect our disdain for the misconception that ORIGIN is represented by a giant, planet eating, scary face that’s aimlessly roaming the cosmos like an idiot.

“Like the cover, the music on this album is stone, it’s cold, it’s serious, it’s desolate, it’s very angry, it’s the band unified and working overtime to create what we feel will be the finest 45 minutes ORIGIN has created yet. This album is its own bitter entity.”

Heh heh heh. I can’t fucking wait for the new Nervecell and Origin releases. Can’t. Fucking. Wait.


  1. Does the Origin album have James Lee on vox or the guy from Skinless? I know James Lee left, but was it recorded beforehand?

    • It definitely won’t be James Lee. As discussed in an earlier post, he left Origin in Feb 2010. On the other hand, Jason Keyser (Skinless) wasn’t announced as the new vocalist until recently, and I read that the new album was recorded in Nov 2010. I saw one or two news reports on other blogs which said that Keyser would be doing the vocals on the album, but I can’t tell if those were assumptions or fact-based. I’m still trying to find out. Here’s our earlier post:


    • Another possibility occurs to me: Since the album release is planned for so far off in the future (June), it’s possible that whoever did the original vocals last fall, they’re being re-tracked by Keyser for the June release (or already have been).

  2. I loved the latest Origin album, so as long as they get an equally competent vocalist, I’ll be happy as a pig in shit. (Holy crap…you can take the farm boy outta the farm, but…)

    Also, I liked the last album cover! Why’s he shitting on it so much? The moon looks fucking cool…but still…

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