Apr 112011

Last November we happily discovered a band from Glasgow, Scotland called Cerebral Bore and their then-self-released debut album Maniacal Miscreation. In our typically eloquent fashion, we described the music as “the kind of metallic extremity that shoves egg-beaters through the skullbone and proceeds to whip the gray matter into a fluffy merengue” — as the kind of “cerebral drill job” that left our brains “satisfyingly disassembled and chopped up into the consistency of dog food”. A bit more from that review:

The music is on the brutal side of death metal. It’s almost unrelentingly fast — which suits us just fine. The guitar riffing is adrenaline-charged, finger-fast, and reliably hammer-stroked with big slams. We particularly liked the start-stop attack of the drums and the quite audible bass rhythms that unerringly root down deep into the part of the brain that acts without thinking and sends irresistible electrical impulses into the buried pleasure centers.

Barreling along in an unconstrained rampage is plenty of fun for the listener, but the icing on the cake are the passages in the songs when Cerebral Bore skid into a completely irresistible beat.

Since last November, it’s fair to say that Cerebral Bore’s global popularity has increased significantly and is now on the verge of erupting. They signed to Earache Records in December, which will be giving Maniacal Miscreation wider distribution (beginning with a European release yesterday and a NorthAm release on June 7), they’re scheduled to tour basically the whole fucking world in 2011, including dates in the U.S., and today they’ve released a new video for the album’s title track “Maniacal Miscreation”, which you can witness after the jump . . .

This is a brutal song, and the video is pretty brutal, too. Oh, and if you’re not familiar with this band, that young woman with the mic in her hand (“Som” Pluijmers) really is doing the vocals.

Here are Cerebral Bore’s tour dates for 2011 so far:

March 27th – London, England
April 12th – Glasgow, Scotland
April 20th – Bristol, England
April 21st – Liverpool, England
April 22nd – Edinburgh, Scotland
April 24th – Derby, England
April 25th – London, England
April 29th – Tilburg, Holland (Neurotic Deathfest)
May 5th – Belfast, N. Ireland
May 6th – Dublin, Ireland
May 7th – Edinburgh, Scotland (Dead haggis deathfest)
May 20th – Aberdeen, Scotland
May 22nd – Newcastle upon tyne, England
May 31st – Manhattan, New york
June 3rd – Houston, Texas, USA
June 4th – San Antonio, texas, USA
June 5th – San Angelo, Texas, USA
June 6th – Lubbock, Texas, USA
June 7th – Amarillo, Texas, USA
June 9th – Tucson, Arizona, USA
June 10th – Las vegas,Nevada, USA (Las vegas death fest)
June 12th – Los Angeles, California, USA
June 16th – Cancun, Mexico
June 17th – Merida, Mexico
June 18th – Co Del Carmen, Mexico
June 19th – Campeche, Mexico
September 17th – Kiev, Ukraine (tour dates to follow)
September 30th – Darjeeling, India (tour dates to follow)


  1. Wow. There are no words to describe how fucking awesome that was.

    I wonder what Miss Pluijmers throat looks like, because it sounds like she gargles acid and hell fire to get those vocals. I know that one of Andy’s big complaints with the guttural vocals is that there is usually a lack of emotion expressed with them, but goddamn, she can express emotion with hers. Very impressed with the band as a whole. This is definitely going on the must have list.

    • As a rule of thumb, if a band or song doesn’t give me goosebumps or that specific feeling you feel in your loins (seriously) or make your heart quicken, it’s not worth my time. Metal in general is a very emotional genre. “Screaming” does take a level of talent, and if that’s not emotional I dunno what is.

      • “As a rule of thumb, if a band or song doesn’t give me goosebumps or that specific feeling you feel in your loins (seriously) or make your heart quicken, it’s not worth my time.”

        That is exactly how I feel. It doesn’t matter what genre a song belongs too, if it gives me that feeling I will listen to it, even if it is looked on unfavorably by the so-called experts and critics.

        • Pfft. Experts or critics are bias. EVERYONE is bias in some regard. This site is bias. Metalsucks is VERY bias. I’ve seen a lot of music on Metalsucks that I just don’t care for, and some music I love Metalsucks bashes, and bashes hard.

          Just like all the “average” people I introduce to my music, they may not get it or like any of it; I could give a shit less. It’s something I can come home after a terrible day and just zone out to. Or scream to or just self-mosh at home to (with very strange looks from the pets).

          Regardless of genre (clean singing or not, sorry folks) if it’s something you love; fuck it, enjoy it, despite what everyone else thinks. I think most mainstream music (country, pop, faux punk, ad nauseum…) sucks a big one and is devoid of any sort of REAL emotion or lyrical structure. Music today fails to tell a story full of meaning, something that really matters to the artist and it’s fans.

          But damn, if the retards eat it up and enjoy it, let it be their thing. I don’t criticize other people’s music, but I have no problem verbally beating down an advocate of modern mainstream music, who will argue the same stupid points that everyone brings up about metal.

          You don’t understand my genre, I don’t understand yours. Agree to disagree. In fact, I get so passionate about my music, that it’s one of those trigger convos with me. Much like religion, politics, and (more and more) diet and exercise (R.D. in training).

          • Also, just wanna add, I do somewhat give a shit if someone doesn’t like or understand a single metal band. There is a sub-genre for just about anyone.

            And who in their right mind couldn’t “get” metal. Everyone is angry. Everyone has that voice in the back of their head, that dark side, that thing you’ve always wanted to say out loud (FUCK YOU!) and metal is the conduit from which we can do that.

            It’s much like sex. It can be long, drawn out, savoring the nuances of the rhythm, the solos, the time changes (think: Opeth, Dream Theater, Xerath, etc…) or it can be a big, wet, sloppy, quickie romp. Dirty, filthy, ugly, leaves a bad taste in your mouth (in this case “bad” being good). Think old school death metal and grindcore (Nasum, Napalm Death, Carcass, Dismember, Mortician, etc…).

            Anyway, I always get aggravated when someone says, “I don’t get it.” You’re thinking too hard! Stop trying so hard to “understand” what they’re saying and just give yourself up to the sound, the raw power and emotion that flows through your brain and fires those synapses that makes you unconsciously bob your head, or tap your foot.

            Okay, sorry. I’m done. I promise. You guys know this already.

  2. I have a crush on cerebral bore.

  3. I love this band, I have to be honest though I’ve tired of Maniacal Miscreation a bit. I would LOVE to see them live, but I live on the East Coast and New York is not close enough to my state, Delaware, for me to see them. Also, I got one of the first 500 copies of Maniacal Miscreation, and I feel like I have a collector’s item, but would it have killed whomever made the booklet to have included some lyrics?

    • I have one of the 500 copies too!

      That’s really all I have to add.

      • I hope you two self-satisfied bastards are happy. Guess who else has one. 🙂

        • Yeah to be honest, I just wanted to say that… oh an Phro, do you speak fluent Japanese?

          • Looking back, that’s a stupid question, but I mean do the majority of Japanese citizens know English or do you just know Japanese?

            • In an american, so im not sure if i really speak english….

              My japanese is advanced intermediate. Not fluent, but i can read and converse about most general topics.
              Hopefully fluency will develop sometime…….

            • In an american!?
              I’m from the U.S….
              That’s better.

              Also, all japanese have studied english in school, but could be said to speak it.

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