Apr 112011

Only six short days ago I used the “exclusive” streaming of a new song by a French band called Loudblast as an excuse to go off on a selfish, petulant rant about the use of “exclusives” in metal marketing (here). Kind of embarrassing actually, but “Embarrassing” is one of my middle names, so what do you expect?

The song was/is called “Emptiness Crushes My Soul”, and I liked it, which was one of the reasons I got frustrated at my inability to embed the song right here at NCS. In the post, I mentioned that Loudblast had filmed a video for the song that allegedly featured a former porn star named Nina Roberts, though I saw no evidence of that in a teaser for the video that the band had released. Not that I give a shit whether music videos include former, or current, porn stars. If you want porn, you really don’t need to troll for metal videos to get it.

Well, now the video for “Emptiness Crushes My Soul” has been released, and sure enough, it includes nudity and flashes of sexual activity between Ms. Roberts and something that may or may not be a man, that may or may not have been created by the woman, and that may or may not represent her fantasy about a horse. In other words, I don’t have a very good idea about what’s going on, or what it has to do with the song. But the song is still good. The video is NSFW so be mindful of who’s peering over your shoulder.  After the jump . . .

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