Apr 122011

It was the second day of this year. We posted a collection of music organized around the objective of musically detonating a couple canisters of napalm in your head, as a way of clearing out the post-New Year’s Eve/Day cobwebs and preparing everyone to resume their “normal” lives.

We began the napalming process with a video from a Swedish death metal band we had just discovered by the name of Demonical. At that point, Demonical had produced two albums, and the video was for a kick-ass song from the second album called “Baptized in Fire”.

Demonical is now on the verge of debuting their third album, Death Infernal. Released by the awesome Cyclone Empire label, it will see the light of day on April 15. We’ve heard the album, and it’s stupendously good. Demonical continues to channel the undead spirits of Dismember and Entombed, with some updated flourishes of their own; we’ll have more in-depth things to say about this album in the near future.

For now, we have a video that the band released today for a song from the album called “Ravenous”. The song itself is a masterful rendering of remorseless old-school death, with its roots sunk deep in unconsecrated, blood-soaked burial grounds. It’s a grinding engine of down-tuned destruction, augmented by galvanizing beats and a whisper of dark melody. The video itself is also well-executed and fun to watch. Check it out after the jump.

  6 Responses to “DEMONICAL IS RAVENOUS”

  1. Nice. Love some old school Swedish death metal!

  2. Swedes just do it an way no one else can match, absolutely love it!
    What do you make of Ihsahn making his way to your shores for ProgPower USA XII?

    • Bob, I didn’t know about the Ihsahn news until reading your comment — so thanks for that. I just put up a post about it, since it definitely qualifies as big news over here. And thanks again for turning me on to Demonical last year!

      • I should be going to see Demonical in London in May, however London being the expensive fucker that it is and this gig sitting right on the edge of festival season I sadly cannot make it, one day I’ll see them, if the world makes sense I’ll see them share a stage with Evocation.
        Oh BTW, Demonical’s support in London comes from fellow swedes Feral, if your not already familiar you should check them out when you a precious minute to yourself.

  3. Dude has some CRAZY fucking eyes…

    Very nice!

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