May 032011

(Our bro BadWolf offers a word of congratulations . . .)

It feels good to know that even in these dark days good things happen to people who deserve it, and great hard-working bands do get signed to big labels. Today is a day we can celebrate something good happening to an underground band we support.

When I last checked in with Battlecross (here), Detroit’s finest tech-thrashers, they were sounding global but bogged down in local. They’d just completed a lead singer swap after self-releasing a debut album with no backing. They were re-recording said album with said new vocalist, but had nobody to support them or release the debut V2.0.

What a difference a few months and some good press makes:  On May 2nd Battlecross announced that they have signed a contract with Metal Blade Records. (more after the jump . . .)

Metal Blade, who I would loosely group with Century Media and Nuclear blast as a ‘major’ metal label, have a large and varied roster full of highly successful and artistically important acts including NCS favorites Behemoth, and fellow Michiganders The Black Dahlia Murder.

The danger in signing to a major label with a huge roster is that it’s easy for a relatively new band to get lost in the shuffle and/or burn out on extensive touring. Metal Blade has its fair share of ‘lost’ artists (who here actually knows who the fuck Falconer is?).

When I spoke to Battlecross guitarist Tony Asta about the signing, he told me that the ‘cross knows it’s time to work harder than they’ve ever worked before.

That means promoting a nationwide release of their re-furnished album (which will NOT be titled Push Pull Destroy this time around) and touring to markets they’ve never been to before, which means it’s going to be a lot easier for many NCS readers to get the full Battlecross experience very soon.

Take it from the BadWolf, keep your eyes peeled for these guys at a filthy disgusting bar near you—they rip face like I drink Gin.

Congratulations, Battlecross.



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  8 Responses to “BATTLECROSS SIGNED”

  1. Congrats from my side too, and I might I say that this stuff just blew me away?

  2. Good for them. Metal Blade is a force to be reckoned with.

  3. The guy to the far left is wearing a band shirt, what band is it?

  4. I’ve been to a couple shows in Detroit where Battlecross were on the lineup but unfortunately I always got there too late to see them perform… but I did see a show where one of them filled in for Woe of Tyrants — not like I would have known it was a fill-in anyway if the singer hadn’t pointed it out, since I think that was the first time I saw WoT too :D.

    Anyway, cool to hear about another local band getting a chance to have even more people find out about them!

  5. I like it. I really like it. I feel like this band may fill the aching void that Light This City left in my life.

    Although can someone ask them not to do forced “comedy” promo pics… why do you Americans all do those? It just makes you seem like a bit of a frat-boy joke band, rather than a serious musical entity.

    Maybe it makes bands more accessable and less threatening to the teen-girl demographic, I don’t know, but this music seems well above that.

    The drummer in particular, good work that man.

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