May 032011

If you’re a fan of extreme metal and haven’t yet heard that a new album from Hate Eternal is about to be released, then most likely you’ve been living in a cave. The album is called Phoenix Amongst the Ashes and it will debut May 10 on Metal Blade Records. It features a new bassist named J.J. Hrubovcak, along with the phenomenal guitars of Erik Rutan and the drumming of Jade Simonetto.

The album was recorded at Rutan’s own Mana Recording Studios in Florida with mastering handled by Alan Douches of West West Side. The interesting cover art was created by Paul Romano, who is responsible for other Hate Eternal album covers (plus album art for Mastodon, The Acacia Strain, Godflesh, Earth Crisis, and others).

Two songs from this album have previously debuted on other metal sites, but I’ve been so busy answering e-mails from people in faraway lands offering me millions of dollars in inheritances that I didn’t make time to hear them. Silly me. Late yesterday, exclusively premiered a third song — the title track. This time, I listened. “Jaw-dropping” is an overused adjective, but that was the effect the song had on me. Literally, the shit dropped my jaw. It’s an irresistible tidal wave of superheated death metal, and you should hear it.

To do that, you can visit Metalundergound here; that site has more info about the album. Or, you can go past the jump on this post and hear the song on the player we’ve embedded.  By the way, Metal Sucks will be hosting an exclusive full-album stream of Phoenix Amongst the Ashes from Friday, May 6, to Monday, May 9. I know one thing I’ll be doing this weekend.


  1. Wouldn’t call our appartment a mansion or villa or anything, but calling it a cave is not something I appreciate of you, sir! Then again, I never made any effort to learn more about these guys – you can’t get to know every band on the planet, no matter how hard you try – so it makes sense I haven’t heard. I like what I’m hearing here though. Perhaps I should spend more effort on ’em.

    • Okay, I amend my statement: “If you’re a fan of extreme metal and haven’t yet heard that a new album from Hate Eternal is about to be released, then most likely you’ve been living in a cave, or in The Netherlands.” 🙂

      And please don’t take offense at the cave reference. I proudly keep my chicken bones in a small pile on the dirt floor of the cavern I share with a family of raccoons and an ill-tempered badger.

  2. Well, at least my cave has internet access. I hadn’t listened to these guys before now. They are pretty good. My first impression was that this is your average Florida death metal, but it has it’s own flair. Really good soloing. I might have to put this on me ‘get list’.

    • It seems I leaped to some unfounded conclusions about the notoriety of Hate Eternal. That was mainly based on Erik Rutan, who used to be guitarist for Morbid Angel and has built a very nice name for himself as a producer: He produced the Cannibal Corpse albums “Kill” and “Evisceration Plague”, Six Feet Under’s “Commandment”, Annotations of an Autopsy’s “The Reign of Darkness”, Through the Eyes of the Dead’s “Malice”, Goatwhore’s “A Haunting Curse” and “Carving Out The Eyes Of God”, Vital Remains’ “Icons of Evil”, Nile’s “Those Whom the Gods Detest”, and more.

      • Wow. I didn’t realize Erik Rutan was such an extensive producer. He has worked on some of my most favorite albums.

  3. I wasn’t a big fan of Hate Eternal’s last album. But I am really impressed with the new song. Hopefully the album is just as impressive.

  4. This album is so amazing. One of the best death metal albums, I’ve heard in awhile.

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