May 092011

The next album from Boston’s Revocation has been on our get-without-fail list since about the beginning of the year. We now have a release date from Relapse Records — August 16 — and the pre-order packages are now up for sale.

We also now have the album title (Chaos of Forms) and the album cover, which is awesome. And last, but not least, only a few hours ago Revocation posted a track from the album (the first to see the light of day) called “Cradle Robber” on their Facebook band-page. It’s a helluva song. Once again, Revocation makes thrash come vibrantly alive — the music is not only fast and wild, but in both off-tempo and full-speed passages, David Davidson’s technical guitar pyrotechnics make your head spin. The drumming on this track is insane, too.

Now, flip your mind upside down for this next one.  New York’s Tombs also has a new album on the way, also on Relapse. Titled Path of Totality, it will land on June 7 in North America, and it’s another one we’ve been anticipating eagerly. Two songs from that album have already premiered — “Silent World”, which debuted on NPR, and “Vermillion”, which launched at Today, a third one — “To Cross the Land” — premiered on  We’ve got more to say about those songs, plus the new Revocation track, after the jump.

First, here’s the new Revocation song:

[soundcloud url=”″]

Go visit the Revocation Facebook page for more info about the album and links for pre-orders.

Now for Tombs . . .

Those Tombs tracks: They’re as wild as Revocation’s new song, though in a different way. Combining an onslaught of blast-beats, tremolo-guitar waves of noise, demented shrieking, bursts of no-less-passionate clean vocals, utterly catastrophic low-end pummeling, atonal melodies, and side-shifts into life-sucking, sludgy post-rock, these dudes groan and grind and unleash pure hell on earth. It’s an unusual spin on black-metal tropes, and I love it.

Here’s one of the previously released songs, “Silent World”, which has just become available on SoundCloud:

[soundcloud url=”″]

To check out the latest Tombs song, visit Stereogum here.


  1. First new Devin Townsend, then new Arch Enemy, Revocation and Tombs, and now i just when i arrive home, i check the internets and behold, new Enslaved
    i dont think i can handle so much awesomeness in one day

    • Yeah, I do mean to listen to that new Enslaved song too. It’s promising to be a hot summer for metal.

      • man, we say this every summer. We should just come to expect this every year haha.

        • Seriously though, waiting to get home to hear this on top of the Devin Townsend song — I had to change my shorts. Such a good night. Only thing that could’ve made this night better is a pint of Guinness and a few shots of Jameson lined up. I have a feeling that Revocation song will be a theme song to a rager one night.

          • Man, that comment started my mouth watering. A pint of Guinness and Jameson back would suit Revocation like a custom garment, and vice-versa. And yeah, it do seem like we’re saying these things every summer. No matter how fucked up other aspects of life may become, we can count on this constant — there will be new metal, and it will kick ass.

    • Didn’t Enslaved just put out an album near the end of last year?

      • Axioma Ethica Odini came out last September. This next one will be a free EP — not sure if there’s been news about how many songs it will hold.

  2. I liked the solo that went into… was that a breakdown with high pitched notes (I’m not exactly the go-to-guy when it comes to pointing out breakdowns, so please forgive me if I made a mistake there :P)? Revocation was too thrashy for my tastes, while I like thrash, I couldn’t really get into their brand of thrash… I wanted to like it, cuz I hear a lot of good stuff about them, they have some AWESOME cover art, and a cool logo. I don’t know why, but cover art and logos are big hooks for me looking into bands, imagine me when I’m looking into brutal death and slam bands lol. Maybe I could get them to grow on me.

    • check out dismantle the dictator of existence is futile…that song is like the epitome of revo…ive seen theese dudes four times and they put on an awesome show everytime going to see them again 10-21 in trenton, nj…hell yes

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