May 102011

Fuck. We just made a u-turn on our musical road — right into the path of an 18-wheeler semi-truck going about 80 mph. Cruising along, listening again to that excellent From Exiles cover EP (see this post), and then we saw that Moscow’s Abominable Putridity put up two new tracks on YouTube yesterday. Paused the From Exile, punched “play” on the first AP track — and got flattened. Pancaked. Road kill. Now just a nasty smear of guts and mangled tissue on the pavement. Fuck.

Do you know Abominable Putridity? We first found out about them early last year when we did a feature on Cameron “Big Chocolate” Argon (Disfiguring the Goddess, etc.), who played some live shows with the band in Russia and recorded some vocals for them, too. Their debut album, In the End of Human Existence (2007), is a crushing behemoth of brutal death-metal loaded with Devourment-style slamming riffage. But, shit, that was roughly four years ago.

It appears the long wait for new Abominable Putridity is just about over. The band signed to the Brutal Bands label last year, and it appears recording and production work on the next album is done. It will be called The Anomalies of Artificial Origin. It will feature awesome album art by Par Olofsson (we did a screen-grab of one of those YouTube clips to feature at the top of this post and blew it up, but we really want to see a high-resolution image of this thing).

As for the vocals, we’ve been snooping around forums and message boards and found some comments from the band’s guitarist Sergey indicating that Matti Way (Cinerary, Liturgy, ex-Disgorge, ex-Pathology) has done the lead vocals for all the tracks, and that guest backing vocals have been provided on different songs by Angel Ochoa (Condemned, Cephalotripsy), Corey Athos (Deeds of Flesh, Flesh Consumed), and one other (so far unidentified).

As for the new songs, there are two of them, and they don’t mess around. Wantonly destructive fuckers, but with irresistible groove. Go past the jump and listen — that is, if you’re in the mood to be pummeled about the head and shoulders and left to bleed out.

There are two songs available for streaming so far: “Remnants of the Tortured” and “Lack of Oxygen”. Go for it:


  1. You may have gotten flattened, but I became immediately….engorged….

  2. I thought that looked like Par’s work. I’m like his biggest fan.

    • You and me both bro. Check this (scroll down to the bottom when you get there):

      • Awesome mate (I bet I’m the only American that says “mate”). Have you seen the artowrk for the upcoming Harm album? It’s only epic… here’s a clicky:

      • Also, the cover art for Burning the Masses newest album was the deciding factor in my buying it.

        • That one was different from most of his covers — more abstract, with a variety of bright colors (and eyeballs!). I thought it was one of his best ever.

          • I didn’t know he did that at first, when I found out I was surprised and happy that he made it, I was like “Who did this awesome artwork… OH REALLY? YESSSSSSSSSS!” It was months ago, so obviously I don’t remember if those exact words went through my mind, but it was along those lines.

            • I didn’t guess it was him either when I first saw it — so different from his usual style. I’m hoping he does more along those lines.

              • What did you think of Offspring of Time music-wise? I personally feel that it doesn’t get enough attention, I mean, I don’t listen to it compulsively, but it deserves way more attention than it gets.

                • I actually meant to review that album, but like so many of my plans, I didn’t do it in time and then moved on to something else. I’m a fan of Cam Argon’s vocals, and I was a fan of BTM’s previous album, so I was stoked to hear Offspring when it came out, to see how the two combined. I thought it was quite good — the instrumentalists are very talented and I liked the integration of technical and prog-styles into the death metal.

    • I’m with you too. Maybe not his BIGGEST fan, but I love his ability to perfectly balance gore with beauty.

      His art has a surrealist/hyperrealist feel that tickles my happy center.

      • I like the fact that he doesn’t use nudity in his arwork very often. That’s one of my pet peeves for nearly everything… movies, TV, artwork…

        • Uh oh. I’m worried about what Phro will say to this . . .

          • Oh dear God… what have I unleashed upon us?

          • Hahahahaha!!! I’m not that much of a pervert that I think everything needs nudity 24/7.

            Only when tentacles are involved.

            That said: I agree with George Carlin about sex vs violence in our culture.
            It seems strange that we, as a society, have deemed something as wonderful as sex evil and something with such tragic consequences as violence perfectly acceptable entertainment. Now I personally don’t have a problem with sexual or violent entertainment, but I do think it’s a bit odd to take offense to sexually charged art/entertainment while also indulging in entertainment where people are repeatedly portrayed being literally ripped limb from limb.

            On the flip side: while I have nothing against porn or oggling beautiful women, I am a bit annoyed by the abject objectification of women (and men) as nothing more than sex tools. If that’s where you’re coming from, I can totally see you’re point….

            Perhaps you could elaborate on why you don’t like it nudity?

            • I watch an action movie to see gunfire and explosions, not a sex scene.

              • Also, I don’t really see sex as evil, I just like to keep it and other things seperate, I have OCD (I take medicine, I’m not just saying that), so that could also play a part in it as well, if not be the cause of the entire thing.

                • That, to me, makes sense as a sort of aesthetics. Which is something I totally respect.

                  • Just as I totally respect your willingness to be emasculated by a tiny Japanese girl.

                    Yes, I am still here, stealthily monitoring all that is written . . .

                    • I showed her your comment and she tried to stick her finger in my butt.

                      Just to prove a point.

                      Not sure what the point was, but I think it was proven.

                    • Shit! I am now laughing too hard to think of a clever response. But I grant you, whatever point needs to be proven, that’s a pretty dependable way of proving it. Or so I’m told.

                    • And look on the bright side: She must have tiny Japanese girl fingers.

                    • Dependable, but goddamn uncomfortable!!

                      She needs to trim her nails, too….

  3. after a long day of studying and going to countless classes, its good to be back home and break the fuck out of every fucking piece of furniture in my house, sponsored by some brutal death metal, thank you…
    i just wish my university had a radio that played this kind of stuff, its just soooo relaxing.

  4. One of my favorite slam bands actually. Though does anyone notice there are A LOT of them in Japan?

  5. This is some savage fucking shit pure an simple I can’t wait for ya to hear the new full length excoriate(USA) out in August. But this is truly a pleasure to listen to

    • This is some savage fucking shit pure an simple I can’t wait for ya to hear the new full length excoriate(USA) out in August. But this is truly a pleasure to listen to. We’re gonna make this sound like puppy play for those of u who know us

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