May 222011

If I’d just waited five more minutes before putting up that last post I’d have seen the news leak that one of our favorite modern metal bands — The Monolith Deathcult — has an in-process song that can be snooped on SoundCloud. The title (or at least the working title) is “HWA”.

There’s a note beneath the SoundCloud player which says this: “not finished, need some serious finetuning and extra lyrics.” Fair enough, but goddamn, this is sounding damned sweet.

The song may not be up there for much longer, so TMDC fans, check out this shit without delay. And for anyone new to TMDC, you can read more in Andy Synn’s SYNN REPORT about the band or our interview of TMDC mastermind Michiel Dekker (here).



  1. Not bad. Now if the song sounds this good now as it is… imagine the end result.


    That is all.

    And this totally deserved it’s own post!

  3. Yeah, that definitely hits the spot.

    Industrial strength death metal – handle with care.

  4. Yea, quite a bit different from Aslimu, and even what appeared on Triumvirate, which was a helluva CD. This song has a cool lead that shines through the madness around the middle part. For a work in progress, this song is great.

  5. I’d prefer a better title, but I know that working titles are usually a bit ridiculous.

    • Oh, I just discovered that H.W.A. stands for Human Wave Attack. Better? And it looks like the song is still streaming. Keeping fingers crossed that it lasts a while longer.

      • Yeah, that’s better. Hwa is the my mom’s middle name. Mei-Hwa Heberer she is. It means flower. Human Wave Attack is much more metal.

        • Wow — same three letters, but two radically different meanings. Maybe TMDC should stick with H.W.A. as the song title instead of spelling it out (though there’s certainly not one thing flowery about the song).

  6. HWA stands for Human Wave Attack. this song is about the Iranian Basij militia which had been slaughtered wave after wave in the Iraq-Iran war.

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