May 232011

With increasing frequency, we’re seeing bands inviting their fans inside the creative process before their songs are all fully mixed, mastered and packaged into an album’s worth of music. I think that’s smart marketing, in addition to satisfying the impatience of hungry fans like me who hate waiting around for new music from bands we like.

We had one example yesterday when The Monolith Deathcult put up on SoundCloud a preliminary version of a new song called “H.W.A.” (Human Wave Attack). And today we have yet another example: Arsis has posted a brand-new song for streaming via SoundCloud called “Since the Shadows”. Yes, that does indeed mean that Arsis is writing a new album.

Early days yet, but based on this demo version of the new song, it’s not too soon to start panting for that album to come. At least if you’re a panter like me. If you just breathe normally, like a human instead of a beagle, then you may just want to smile when you hear this song. As they say in the field of professional music journalism, it fucken rawks.

ARSIS – Since the Shadows (Demo) by NuclearBlastRecords


  1. Love it. Love everything about it.

    Except the fact that it’s only a demo… it already sounds awesome. I worry the finished album will be too awesome for my mortal ears.

    • I will confess to a heretical notion: I have been a fan of Arsis, but not a die-hard fan. But I’m thoroughly wowed by this song. Love at first listen.

  2. Andy, i had the same response!! Its so beautifully dry, like red wine! Should we, as a staff, email them and humbly request, as fans, for them to master it minimally?

    • Yes, we should do that. We will do that. And certainly, that is all which will be required to bring about minimal Arsis mastering.

      • I like the fact that you CAN hear the bass though.

        My one (and only) problem with “We Are The Nightmare” was the far TOO dry sound which gave it absolutely NO low end at all. And Noah Martin’s far too awesome a bassist to be wasted in that way.

        • Totally agree — this had a much heavier low end than I was expecting, which was really a welcome surprise to me. I hope that doesn’t go away.

  3. I’m not a huge fan of thrash death, but I sill kinda like Arsis. Lots of good riffage and wacky solos. Never was a big fan of the vocals, though. The vocals sound like The Crown, but flatter.

  4. By ‘flatter’ I mean that as in more flat, not in a flattering sense. Don’t you hate it when two different words with two different meanings are spelled exactly the flippin’ same?

    • That’s the problem with the English language, the unfortunate amount of orthographic/phonological confusion due to lexical double-meanings.

      Damn language.

      • Come on, it’s really not that difficult. The verb “flatter” originated from the Middle English word “flateren,” from the Anglo-French word “flater”, meaning to lick or caress, and is akin to the Old High German word “flaz”. By contrast, the noun “flatter” refers to the flat-faced swage or hammer used by blacksmiths, And of course the adjective “flatter” derives from the adjective “flat”, which of course is the Middle English word that evolved from the Old Norse word “flatr”. It’s all really very simple and clear.

  5. Mm Mm Mm (that’s spoken as a big black momma holding a bucket of chicken wings)!!

    Seriously, sometimes I get so demotivated from all the shitloads of superb Metal there is, of which I can only soak up a tiny tiny fraction.

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