May 292011

(NCS contributor Siddharth Darbha joins us today with a report on the nominees for India’s biggest metal awards show.)

The Rolling Stone Metal Awards is back. Being India’s most popular and highly dedicated metal award ceremony, we at NCS cannot let this pass unnoticed. We briefly mentioned the 2010 edition of the Awards last year (here), with our congratulations to Demonic Resurrection and Infernal Wrath.

With nominations invited from across the country, the grandeur has been amplified multifold this edition. This shall be the event’s second year. It is slated to be held on 19th June. Funny bone tickler Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy (Scribe) will be hosting the event, which will also feature live sets by Bhayanak Maut, Artillerie, Exhumation and Noiseware.

The category list has been lengthened, with the net set being : Best Album Artwork, Best Metal Drummer, Best Metal Guitarist, Best Metal Bassist, Best Metal Vocalist, and Best Metal Keyboardist, the nominees for which can be found here, in addition to three other categories open for public vote.

The complete panel of judges is yet to be announced, but Marty Friedman (Megadeth) is definitely in!

Apart from the aforementioned panel of judges, there are three categories open to public vote via Facebook. Make your vote count or check out India’s best releases this year. We’ve got the list of nominees for the three public-vote categories after the jump.
Best Metal Band (vote here)

Bhayanak Maut
Undying Inc

Best Metal Album (vote here)

Artillerie – Eradefiled
Devoid – A God’s Lie
Exhumation – Consider This
IAFWAY – Engravings
Undying Inc – Aggressive World Dynasty

Best Metal Song (vote here)

Bhayanak Maut – Dear name
Devoid – Battle Cry
Noiseware – 23
Undying Inc – Xenophobe
Zygnema – Theory Of Lies and Negation


To see our review of one of the nominated albums (by Artillerie), go here.

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