Jun 052011

I’m absolutely fawning in my admiration of Pig Destroyer. Fawning, I tell you. Their music is the aural equivalent of a fetal alien ripping its way out of your chest, except in this case it feels damn good to have that toothsome little bastard explode your body cavity in a spray of crimson gore. Plus, the members of the band are just so damned interesting. They lead more-or-less normal suburban lives and work at more-or-less normal day jobs (check this fascinating feature to see what I mean by “more or less normal”) and they play insane music pretty much to please themselves.

They’re all very talented musicians, perhaps most especially Scott Hull, who MetalSucks justifiably named to the No. 6 spot on its nearly finished list of The Top 25 Modern Metal Guitarists. In their eloquent words (with which I fully agree): “The guy is just a riff factory, churning out a seemingly endless parade of ear-fuckery. . . . Various forms of punk, speed, and death metal all converge in the tips of Hull’s fingers, spilling out as pretty much the best grindcore and powerviolence currently being created anywhere on the planet.”

So, with that backdrop, you can imagine how excited I was to see that Pig Destroyer is scheduled to play a show at El Corazon in Seattle on September 10. Seeing that (as I was updating our NW Metal Calendar section today), I thought, “Holy fuck, these guys never tour. I wonder if maybe this is part of an actual, national Pig Destroyer tour?” So, I did some web surfing. Unfortunately for those of you who don’t live in the Pacific Northwest of these United States, it doesn’t look like this is part of a tour.

BUT . . . I did find that Pig Destroyer is in the vicinity because they’re appearing at MUSICFEST NW — a five-day festival (similar to SXSW) that will run September 7-11 in Portland, Oregon. Musically, this festival is all over the map, with metal being only a tiny part of the genres represented. But it turns out there are some other well-known metal acts scheduled to appear at the festival. (more after the jump, including a Pig Destroyer song, just for the fuck of it.)

Here are some of the other bands appearing at MFNW (the ones I’m interested in):

Butthole Surfers
A Storm of Light

The full line-up, plus venue and ticket info is at this location.

Because Pig Destroyer is now very much on my mind, and having already purchased my tix to the Seattle show, I’m now going to sit back, relax, and allow by chest to be exploded in a fountain of bloody meat by this video:


  1. Yes, I’m commenting on my own post, mainly because I forgot to mention that this schedule of shows confirms my impression of the high-IQ quotient of Pig Destroyer: September is the best month of the year to visit Seattle and Portland. I also wanted to compliment myself on a really great, newsworthy post. One that will be of interest to people all over . . . uh, Western Washington and Oregon. And maybe parts of British Columbia and Idaho. Possibly upper California.

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