Jun 072011

Yes, this is our fifth post for the day, which is way higher than our normal output at NCS. But unexpected things continue to happen to us, and it’s not even 1 p.m., Pacific Time.

This post is explained by the fact that Dying Fetus has just posted their cover of Bolt Thrower‘s “Unleashed Upon Mankind” from their forthcoming limited edition, mini-LP History Repeats… . You can listen to it at this location., or go past the jump and listen here. To us, that’s newsworthy, because it’s motherfucking Dying Fetus covering a classic motherfucking Bolt Thrower song.

The song is a sweet piece of nasty, technical, death metal. Military metaphors leap to mind — lumbering tanks slowly pulverising rocks and remains beneath the treads. High-caliber machine guns spitting death, mowing down ranks of mere humanity. Flamethrowers jetting superheated fuel. There’s definitely a “kill ’em all, let god sort ’em out” attitude about this music. Go past the jump and see for yourself.

Unleashed Upon Mankind (Bolt Thrower Cover) by RelapseRecords

History Repeats… full track listing is as follows:

1. Fade Into Obscurity (Dehumanized cover)

2. Unchallenged Hate (Napalm Death cover)

3. Gorehog (Broken Hope cover)

4. Rohypnol (Dying Fetus original exclusive to this release)

5. Unleashed Upon Mankind (Bolt Thrower cover)

6. Twisted Truth (Pestilence cover)

7. Born In A Casket (Cannibal Corpse cover)

History Repeats… is being released to commemorate this band’s 20th anniversary.  As you can see, it includes Dying Fetus covers of bands such as Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, and Pestilence, as well as Bolt Thrower — plus an original song named after . . . uh . . . a date rape drug.

The mini-LP will be limited to 5,000 copies worldwide and it’s set for a July 19th North American release date through FYE stores and Relapse Mailorder exclusively. It will be released internationally on July 25. Additional information and pre-orders are available here.


  1. I like it. But I think the guitar is too loud in the mix. Either that or it sounds like that cuz the left side of my headphones doesn’t have sound coming from it. Also, I’d like if John did more gutturals in that song. Overall was pretty good.

    • Wow. I’m alone.

      *cricket chirping*

      • I’m here! Not sure why this single hasn’t generated as much excitement in others as it did for me. And by the way, dude, how can you listen to music with only one side of your headphones working? That’s a major disadvantage. 🙂

        • Sorry I didn’t reply back in June… I kinda’ did to you what everyone else did to me. 🙁

          Well I listened to this song with intact headphones, and it was pretty good. I still want more gutturals though.

          I don’t know if getting this release by itself is worth it, but I do know that getting this release with an awesome t-shirt for the price of one t-shirt is AWESOME. That new Dying Fetus shirt that comes in the package with “History Repeats…” is epic, as far as I can make it out (it has the release in the bottom left quadrant, so you can’t see it all) it’s a reaper sitting on Earth. Awesome. Epic. Awesomely epic!

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