Jun 172011

Poland’s Decapitated have a new album scheduled for release via Nuclear Blast on July 12 in North America and July 15 in Europe. Entitled Carnival Is Forever, it’s been on our “most anticipated” list since the beginning of the year. We’ve been greedily tracking the news, with our last update about the album here (focusing on the cover art and the title). Now we’ve got more exciting news to report.

Nuclear Blast has uploaded a sampler consisting of excerpts from the album. It gives you enough of a taste of the music to form some impressions. For example, I’m hearing a lot of djenty riffs in these songs, plus lots of crushing groove, squalling guitar solos, off-kilter rhythms, and technically interesting rhythmic counterpoint going on.

But the dominant impression I’m getting is that this is going to be an absolutely killer slab of extreme metal that justifies all our high expectations. Why I haven’t already listened to the copy I’ve got is a mystery. Well, actually, it’s not such a mystery. I’m just a fucking moron, and that’s all there is to it.

Go past the jump and listen to that sampler. You’ll be glad you did.  (credit to Heavy Blog Is Heavy for alerting me to this sampler)

  5 Responses to “DECAPITATED! (UPDATE)”

  1. This is one of the best albums of the year for sure. It’s brutal, intricate, precise, and the sad part is realizing all the death metal purists are going to have bawing fits over all the modern elements they’ve adapted. This is no longer a death metal band, they’re purely general extreme metal now.

    • Whatever label people are going to slap on this, I sure like what I’m hearing in this sampler. Somehow, I’ve got to work this into my weekend smorgasbord of ear candy. The new Black Veil Brides album may just have to wait.

  2. Send me that copy I’ll listen to it for you! But yeah this is gonna be a killer album July 12 can’t come soon enough

  3. Was kinda’ what I was expecting, the vocals aren’t really my thing though.

  4. You already have a copy of this???? Share that shit already!

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