Jun 232011

‘Tis the season for free music samplers, and we’ve just gotten word of the latest — a sampler being offered for free download by Nuclear Blast Europe. You have to be on Facebook to get it, because you have to “like” the Nuclear Blast Europe Facebook page in order to receive a download link (and you’ll need to provide an e-mail address to get that). But if you’re willing to do that, as I was, here’s what you’ll get on the sampler:

01.  Hell – “On Earth As It Is On Hell”
02. Demonaz – “All Blackened Sky”
03. While Heaven Wept – “Destroyer of Solace”
04. Samael – “In the Deep”
05. Chrome Division – “Bulldogs Unleashed”
06. Hammerfall – “One More Time”
07. Mayan – “Drown the Demon”
08. Amorphis – “My Enemy”
09. Pain – “The Great Pretender”
10. Origin – “Expulsion of Fury”
11. Rhapsody of Fire – “Aeons of Raging Darkness (Edit)”
12. Symphony X – “Dehumanized”
13. Sepultura – “Kairos”
14. Lock Up – “Life of Devastation”
15. All Shall Perish – “Divine Illusion”

In my book, this is a damned attractive list. HERE is the link to the Facebook page where you can initiate the download process.


  1. You have to “like” them on Facebook? Sucks. Just give the damn sampler away already, morons.

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