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Opeth performing one of my favorite Opeth songs, “The Grand Conjuration”, live at the U.K. installment of the Sonisphere festival, which was held July 8-10, 2011 at Knebworth House. Professionally filmed, multiple camera-perspectives (including a great shot of Martin Axenrot’s concentrated face viewed through a hole in a cymbal), awesome sound, smoke.

This is one of the reasons we recognize Exceptions to the Rule of no clean singing.

Equally superb clips of Opeth performing “Face of Melinda”, “The Lotus Eater”, “Master’s Apprentices”, and “Hex Omega” can be viewed here.

Opeth’s new album, Heritage, will be out September 20 on Roadrunner Records.

  8 Responses to “THIS IS COOL”

  1. Please don’t send the rape lorises after me, but I have a confession to make.

    I think this is the first time I’ve listened to Opeth in like…10 years. I don’t have an opinion about them, and I certainly don’t dislike them…I just never got interested in them. Despite how much EVERY. SINGLE. METALHEAD. raves about them.

  2. Mmmm… Opethy goodness. In the interview with Martin Mendez, he mentions that there are no growls on the new Opeth album, which kinda sucks, but goddammit, it’s still going to be great.

    It’ll be All Clean Singing, like the anti-NCS.

    • Unfortunately, I did see that. It has cast a pall over the rest of my day. I am pretending that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and all the vocals will be a pleasing mix, as on “The Grand Conjuration.”

  3. I’m fackin psyched! New album comes out on muh berfday, gonna go see them in MA the night before. And I can’t wait for the new shit, apprently no death metal vox, and the whole thing’s supposed to be all 70’s prog like King Crimson and Yes. Fuck Yes… I mean Fuck yeah…
    Think about it too, they started really adding way more of those elements in Watershed, like around the 6:00 mark in Lotus Eaters. Yum.

    • That gonna be one happy berfday. What a nice present! And yeah, I think Opeth is about to go full-prog on us. I still expect to eat it up. Though it would taste better to me with a helping of Åkerfeldt’s Bloodbath-ian vocals. 🙂

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