Jul 112011

Well, well, well. No sooner had I finished posting that clip of Opeth’s live performance at Sonisphere-UK than I saw this news — that the new album from Disma (Towards the Megalith) is now streaming in full at . . .

Take a guess where it’s streaming. I’ll wait.

I bet you didn’t guess NPR. But, amazingly, that’s where it’s streaming. Do you know about Disma? It’s Craig Pillard from Incantation, plus members of New Jersey’s awesome Funebrarum, Methadrone live bassist Randi Stokes and former live Incantation guitarist Bill Venner.

The album will be released on July 19. I’ve taken one spin through my promo copy so far. I think it may well be the heaviest record I’ve yet heard in 2011. Go check out the album stream HERE, unless you’re feeling . . . fragile.

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  1. No wonder the Republicans wanted to pull funding from NPR.

    • Seriously. I can almost hear the sound of panties bunching up in the Congress. What next? NPR streaming the discography of Anal Cunt?

      • I actually wouldn’t see the point in that, unless it was a retrospective on Seth Putnams life.

        I’d rather they did something on contemporary bands. Like Cephalic Carnage. (A stoner death metal band just seems like the perfect mix to really bunch them panties.)

    • I’m a hardcore, right wing conservative. My politics doesn’t get involved with my metal though. 🙂 Two very different things.

      Love this album though.

      • I was making a joke about the Congressional Republicans’ attempt to cut off funding to NPR. It wasn’t necessarily meant to be a political joke, but you must admit that many Republicans have a strong “conservative Christian” leaning which often finds itself at odds with the metal community.

        I will grant you, though, that the Democrats have their (probably nearly equal) share of anti-metal fucktards as well. So maybe I should have just said Congresspeople?

        Though, and this is a personal opinion, and really something for which I can really provide a great argument, I don’t think metal can really be completely divorced from politics. I think, especially with more extreme music, the art one makes is highly influenced by one’s beliefs–religious, philosophical, or political. So, we should expect some (if not a lot) of overlap. But a lot of people do insist that metal is nonpolitical. So, I’m not saying that it must political, but I think, at least to some degree, it is.

        I will end this by saying that, for me, I generally do not listen to bands whose ideology is strongly diametric to mine. For example, I avoid bands that are overly religious, anti-science, straight edge or vegan. I don’t want them to stop making music, and I have no desire to even see them fail. I just don’t want to support a movement I disagree with.

        • I’ve always separated my music from my politics (and religion). If it’s good music, I’ll listen to it. As a Christian (though, not a very good one without a church at that) I very rarely find metal that isn’t at odds with my beliefs. Particularly since my favorite genre of all time is black metal.

          Music is what you make of it. It can be political, ideological, (anti)religious. But to me, it will always be first and foremost, music. I live and breath music. I personally think it’s silly to refuse to listen to or not support music solely based on what the band members believe in. If it’s good music, keep rocking on! At least that’s how I approach things. I could really care less most of the time what the band is singing/screaming about, or if there’s a “message”.

          To each his/her own I suppose, that’s the beauty of freedom.

  2. Also, I think I’m liking this better than Incantation…but the only thing I’ve heard by them was Decimate Christendom. (I’ll give you one guess why I bought that album, and it wasn’t because I’d heard the music and loved it.)

    I do love this gentleman’s vocals though. He sounds like he’s eating chainsaws for breakfast.

    • “Onward to Golgotha” is one of those albums that is so critically praised, so vastly influential, that you almost feel compelled to like it if you’re hearing it for the first time, for fear of appearing ignorant and unsophisticated. BUT, imho, it SO merits all of the acclaim. That’s one you should hear.

  3. I remember being shocked when I saw Pitchfork and Stereogum writing about Black Anvil. Stereogum even does “Top Metal Albums of X year” lists. “Maranatha” by Funeral Mist made it on to one, which was another shocker (my shock came from the fact that someone writing for Stereogum had even heard of Funeral Mist, not that they made it onto a list of good metal albums. Funeral Mist are one of my favorite black metal bands, and “Maranatha” was amazing.)

    This isn’t the first time NPR’s gone metal, either: http://www.npr.org/blogs/therecord/2010/12/30/132413390/the-year-in-music-2010s-best-writing-about-metal I’ve also seen reviews of a couple doom metal bands.

    • Nope . . . not the first time. The last time I was flabbergasted about NPR was when they featured a Portal performance:


      The Disma stream surprises me even more, because not only did NPR have to decide they wanted to do this, the label (and presumably the band) had to pick NPR to do the stream. That may be the most surprising aspect of this story.

      • Wow, Portal? Really? *That’s* something I wouldn’t expect, given how crazy their sound is.

      • NPR also streamed Agalloch’s “Marrow of the Spirit” in full last winter.

        And Stereogum has one of the best metal blogs on the web, “Haunting the Chapel”. That guy has amazing taste in music.

        NCS is also pretty awesome too. XD

  4. Glorious USDM from New Jersey! Yes!

    • Not only is the music glorious, but the album cover art is amazing. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet discovered the identity of the artist. Still looking . . .

      • Got you covered on that..its a collaboration between the guitarist Daryl Kahan who I think does the layouts and Ola Larsson who does the actual painting. I think hes done the artwork for most of their releases.

        • PS…the cover you see is just part of it…the digi-pack will fold out to show a much larger image

          • Thanks for that — I must have gone through 3 pages of google links and never found this info. Can’t wait to see that digipack. Album art remains one of the reasons to continue buying CDs (at least for me).

        • THANK YOU! I’ve been wondering who did the artwork for a while now…



    five seconds in and I’m sold!!!

  7. I didnt mention it before, but Ive been a huge fan of this band since their demo. Cant wait for this album.

    For anyone whose into bands like this, Incantation, and Funebrarum…Dark Descent just signed Goreaphobia for a new album to be released in the next few months. Make sure to check them out as well

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