Jul 122011

On June 30, we posted a little feature on three very promising bands who had come our way. The music was quite different, but what the three bands had in common was less than 100 Facebook “likes”. One of those bands was a three-piece group from Minneapolis called Oak Pantheon. At the time, our friends at Death Metal Baboon had premiered a wonderful track from the band’s then-forthcoming EP, The Void.

Well, as of today, Oak Pantheon have released The Void EP as a “name your price” download on their Bandcamp page (here is the link). I’ve been streaming these five tracks while attempting to do paying work today, and I’m having trouble keeping my mind on my job — because the music is hugely distracting and tremendously appealing. As a gross generalization, it’s folk-influenced black metal with memorable acoustic and electric melodies, infectious rhythms, and a scarifying dose of Nordic vocals. Sweeping beauty and the beast, indeed.

I’m particularly carried away by the predominantly instrumental track called “Architect of the Void Pt I” — carried away and hooked like a fish. If you’d like to check out that song and the rest of the EP while you continue browsing around here, we’ve embedded a player after the jump. I’m already sold — and downloading the EP now.

By the way, Oak Pantheon are up from 74 to 96 Facebook likes since our last post. Go help put them over the century mark, won’t you? (And thanks to reader/musician Ray Heberer for reminding us that today was release day for this EP.)

  19 Responses to “OAK PANTHEON UPDATE”

  1. Done and done. And I mean done.



    Umm…what does their music sound like anyway?

  3. Cool, thanks for the shoutout. I would love to see this band perhaps… open for Agalloch?

  4. That was sick. More great USBM!

  5. That was absolutely outstanding. I don’t quite dig the vocals, they seem just a little bit weak in my opinion but everything else more than makes up for it. I’m absolutely giving these guys my money when I get home from work.

  6. My Lord, I had huge expectations for this thing. That track we premiered was a beaut. Huge expectations generally mean I’m left disappointed in the end. But they went just over and beyond those expectations. This is something fantastic!

    I love the way this release flows, starting sad and ends with a big fuckin’ bang of victory and pride. Liplickingly good!

  7. I am from Minneapolis and can’t find anybody who knows these dudes or has even heard of them. If you guys read this — play a gig. Look for me at the Vreid / Kampfar show on the 31st — you will know me because I will be the oldest person there. I love this EP, the breakdown and solo on “In the Dead of the Winter Night” are really special.

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