Jul 182011

I’ve been away from my computer all day. I blame my fucking day job. I just got back, and almost the first thing I see is a press release advising that the almighty Fleshgod Apocalypse have released a video for a song from their new album called “The Violation”. It was directed by Salvatore Perrone. I wasted no time in watching it.

I feel violated now. Man, it’s a good feeling. I would like to be violated again.

The song is more overtly symphonic than anything on Mafia, the band’s last release. It includes extravagant, high-flung flights of clean singing from Paulo Rossi that are even more prominent than his contributions on Mafia. It’s also a head-exploding rush of blowtorch death metal. It’s all of that — a combination that Fleshgod Apocalypse pulls off triumphantly, and uniquely. I fucking loved it.

The video is a head-kick to watch, too. Check it out after the jump — and then be on the lookout for FA’s appearance on the SUMMER SLAUGHTER tour, which begins tomorrow.


  1. The clean vocals sound a bit like ICS Vortex, in my opinion.

  2. FA are so classy, what a group of gentlemen!

  3. Cool. “Agony” is a must get. I do think that the clean vocals sound kind of out of place, compared to… what’s the song off of “Mafia” I have? *checks iPod* Oh — “Thru Our Scars”.

    I like the fact that they’ve added more symphonic touches, but I don’t know if I was paying close attention but based on what I remember from this it sounds like the guitar tone from “Oracles” is gone… I liked it. I’d also like if the vocalist were higher in the mix.

    I’ll enjoy it regardless. Great band. These guys and Dying Fetus are the two main reasons I want to win the tix to Summer Slaughter from that Indiemerchstore contest. Six Feet Under and The Black Dahlia Murder are two big pluses.

  4. I think my dixie wrecked.

  5. I just came

    unholy shit! So much better than the free download / edit version! I need this in my life.

  6. Sick song! I thing FA is one of those few bands whose every release I will go out and buy with my head bowed and my horns raised. Flubbin incredible!!

  7. Holy mother of Jeebus! Already, while listening to the intro i couldn’t help smiling as i knew the carnage about to be unleashed upon us! Actually, now that i think about it, this happens to me quite often, odd.

    • It’s a great feeling. I know I had the stupidest grin on the whole god damn planet on my face when Obscura played their intro at the last show I went to .

      • Ditto that. I started grinning from the first notes of this song on the video. I just KNEW what was coming was going to be wonderful. And so it was. I had that smile pasted on my face straight through to the end.

  8. The drum blasts gave me a boner. That guy is a beast behind the kit.

  9. FA are GODS.

  10. It’s the second half of his cleans that don’t sit so right with me… when they go a bit nasally and (dare I say it) whiny sounding. I love them when they come in.

  11. How’d I miss this for the last few days???

    I agree! Incredible! Beastly! Awesome!!!

    But, like Andy, some of the clean singing didn’t sit quite right with me. I thought the last few notes he was hitting on the first section were…strained? Yah. Whatever. The guitar solo was awesome though. I’m not a music person, so I don’t really pay that much attention to solos. This one was pretty awesome though.

    Also, when the song started, I was like: why are they wearing the shittiest black face I’ve ever seen???

    • I wish I knew where the blackface-and-archaic-tuxedo style originated with FA, but they’ve been doing this for a while. I count this as a part of their multi-faceted genius. Anyone can wear band shirts and cargo shorts. But blackface and tuxedos from 100 years ago? Groundbreaking.

  12. Well, after seeing this video, I didn’t have a guitargasm or any other ‘gasm involving miscellaneous bodily fluids, but I have decided that I’m not going to wait long to get this album, as I did with Mafia.

    I don’t mind the clean singing here, but as I listen to prog and power metal quite a bit, his going to a higher register doesn’t really bother me and seems to fit with the hints of classical music that form part of FA’s musical foundation. As far as I’m concerned, this is an example of having all the right pieces and having them in the right spots.

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