Jul 282011

On July 24, 2011, Amon Amarth played the Tuska Open Air Metal Festival in Helsinki Finland. The first song on their set was “War of the Gods”. The video after the jump records the performance from just behind and to the left of drummer Fredrik Andersson. It helps if you know the song already — as well you should — because the sound of the other instruments and Johan Hegg’s vocals are muffled on the audio track, given the camera’s position — but this is still very, very cool.

I don’t know shit about drumming. Basically, to me, watching any capable extreme metal drummer in action is like witnessing a form of supernatural achievement. This is no different. Maybe what Andersson is doing on this song would be basic, ho-hum stuff to a metal drummer watching it. To me, it’s phenomenal.

But that’s only part of the attraction. That supernatural quality is enhanced in this clip by the eruptions of flame that occur throughout the video, as if ejected from the drum kit itself, and by the smoke that eventually enshrouds Andersson before ultimately clearing near the end. True Viking shit.

This gave me a giant [insert slang term for erect penis]. It fucking [insert verb] my [insert testicle reference]. I shot [insert semen idiom] all over my computer screen.  Video after the jump.


  1. Well it all comes down to that rule: metal is fucking awesome. But since there’s all these awesome bands with awesome musicians, we start looking at the music relatively and saying people suck or are average just because they are average to us (but means they’re still aeons ahead of musicians in other genres).

    • I agree completely. I’ve tried to convince so many non-metalheads of what you’re saying. Just focusing on the drums, there is no other genre of music that imposes the physical and technical demands on drummers that metal does. I’m not saying there aren’t talented drummers in other genres, but I really do think the required skill set is so much more demanding in metal. I’m constantly amazed at how much performance talent there is across metal — and I’m not talking about just the best-known bands — and yet they are unknown to 90% (or more) of people who listen to music on a regular basis.

  2. Our drum-cam footage didn’t turn out anywhere near as well… sigh.

  3. And i had a 3day ticket to that festival, but some bullshit happened, and i ended up becoming one with the computer chair…

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