Aug 082011

We stumbled across a terrific unsigned Finnish band called Mors Subita at the end of May. They had just released an official video for a song called “The Sermon” from their debut album (then unreleased) called Human Waste Compression. I was so damned taken prisoner by the song that I immediately posted about it (here).

Turns out that I wasn’t the only one taken by the music. This morning, Violent Journey Records announced the signing of Mors Subita and an official release date for Human Waste Compression: September 21. I have to admit, it was cool to see words from our earlier post quoted in the Violent Journey release. But I would have been very happy for these dudes anyway.

As icing on all this good pancake, I also discovered that last Friday the band released an official video for a second song from the new album, called “Burden”. I like the song as much, maybe even more, than “The Sermon”. It’s yet another heavy-grooved blast of compulsive rhythms and catchy melody that punched another hole right through my head. It was really fucken tough to resist headbanging, but I was afraid something would come out through the holes if I did.

Check out Mors Subita’s latest sonic missile after the jump, and start counting the days until Sept 21. Suomi perkele!


  1. After seeing the update on their fb page i was soooo happy for them, i was this close to mentioning it on a comment of mine, but im glad you noticed it also! Gonna give the song a listen when i get a chance from this superbly awsome live capture from Iced Earth’s wacken show. Also, it has been a real joy watching “the sermon” video’s views rise all the way up to 12k+, as at the time you posted about them there were only 1-2k views. As if you could witness the band’s growth, a truly justified growth that is.

    • No question. It’s fun to see a band you like attracting increasing numbers of fans and finally getting a record deal. On top of everything else, signing to Violent Journey means we’ll actually get to hear this whole album now. If it’s as strong all the way through as these first two songs, it should be a fucking good pancake.

  2. I’m gonna pretend like the reason they got signed was because you featured them on NCS. Thus, you are no longer Mr. I.S. Lander, but rather Don Islander. And you’ll have any fuckwad who tries to interfere with you master plans shot down in cold blood by suit wearing lorises with dildo cannons.

    “You come to me, on the day of my loris’s wedding…”

    • HAHA! Before we’re done, the word “loris” will conjure images of supreme evil and diarrhea-inducing fear, instead of little cuddly things with big eyes and fingers that are fun to tickle. I wish I could claim some credit for this band’s good fortune, but I do think the music had something to do with it. 🙂

      • I’d say it was a 50/50 split.
        They brought the tune, you brought the legion of “sign us or we’ll impale you with sex toys and tentacles” lotuses.
        And I brought the diarrhea koolaid!
        “Oooooh, yaaaaaaah!”

  3. I just need to fucking move to Finland.

    Phro, thanks to you I can no longer hear the word “split” without thinking “Out our asses and in your faces NOW!!!”

    This has caused me some issues at home, such as when The Bride asked me if I wanted to “split” some cookies with the Spawn. Apparently we’re never having Oreos in the house again. Ever.

  4. Aside from Phro’s orificial obsessions (dude, Japan’s gotten into you)…

    Sounds like decent stuff. Nothing ground-breaking or bowel-shaking, but more than worthy enough to stand proud with their countrymates. A band I should look into.

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