Aug 102011

Well, whaddaya know? It appears we have, not two, but three reviews of Agony today. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Thank you Phro.

  17 Responses to “FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE: “AGONY” (Take 3)”


  2. Why am I laughing so hard at this?!

    Come on iTunes! Download the album faster!

  3. Can you do the next one in that school-girl outfit?

  4. Phro, you disappoint me.

    No tentacles? No Hello Kitty headwear? No framed poster of Tubgirl on the wall behind you?

    For shame…

    • I know…


      But, on the other hand, my head DID pretty much explode in this one! That’s gotta count for…

      No…no…you’re right….

  5. Lol. Phro you should do a series of these. Short reviews showing your disdain or love for an album. Naturally a good many of them will be funny because, you’re Phro, hilarious, creative, Phro!

  6. Phro – why is your jizz red? That can’t be good. I think you should go to the clinic again.

    • It was supposed to be my head exploding…but when I got done with it, I realized it could also be a giant

      I decided it would be best to just leave it to the viewers imagination.

      Kinda like a thriller porno. WITH MYSTERY SPERMBLOODSPLATTER!

  7. Aside from the exploding head, I’m having about the same kind of reaction. I had forgotten that Decibel was streaming the full album and thankfully it’s still up at the moment. I may not have the CD and/or higher quality MP3’s of the album yet, but this is enough to help tide me over until next week when I can get the album.

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