Aug 122011

Until today, I’d never heard of Svölk. They’re from Norway. They just announced the signing of a record deal with Austria-based Napalm Records. They label their music as “bear metal” — “the perfect blend of stoner, metal, and Nordic redneck attitude.”

I didn’t know Norway had rednecks. But I was curious to see what Norwegian redneckdom might be like, not to mention discovering just exactly what “bear metal” sounds like, so I watched a brand new video of a song from Svölk called “52”. The song definitely has a dirty-south, stoner vibe, though to me it’s more of a sludgy, liquored-up, rock-with-your-cock-out tune than metal. And it’s got nuthin but clean singin’ goin’ on.

Having said that, it’s a damn catchy song with meaty riffs and a cool chorus. As for the video, I don’t understand what holds together the various scenes — it’s hard to pick out any kind of story line that makes sense. But I would guess some serious money went into its production. There are parts that are NSFW, so keep that in mind. Hang in there until the end, because it’s got a . . . bang-up . . .  finish. I still don’t know what “bear metal” is.

For more about Svölk, visit ’em on facebook HERE. Have your bear spray handy.

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  1. Yeah, no idea what Bear Metal is supposed to be either. Closest thing I’ve heard that could come close is Ted Nugent’s “Fred Bear” (awesome song, btw, one of his best IMO). Now, as for the redneck thing…

    If were judging redneckdom by the music, Norway slays Sweden in this department. Sweden gave us Rednex, who in turn gave us “Cotton Eye Joe”, one of many songs I dread hearing during wedding receptions. Fortunately, I’ve only heard it twice since I’ve been the rental manager (pretty much a babysitting job where I usually don’t have to do much and get paid for being in the builiding as long as they’re there).

    It does look like Norwegian redneckery is like the American variety, plus a tool is still a tool, no matter what language they may butcher. Looks like some of the footage that isn’t the band comes from a movie. Maybe Norwegian mafia stuff? Fuck if I know.

    What did you think about the accessory for the gas cap cover (around the 1:25 mark)? Haven’t seen one of those before.

    • I had the same thought — that maybe this was the band’s music overlaid to clips from a movie or TV show. When I have more time, I plan to investigate a bit more. If all this was done just for the music video, then it’s pretty impressive (the effort, not necessarily the visuals – 🙂

      I really don’t know what the gascap thingy was. Pretty nasty looking.

      • It’s hard to tell because it’s cheaply made, but pay attention to the guy as he’s filling his tank – he’s having a ‘gasm of some kind.

        If you need a hint, it’s a male sex toy. Probably made of the same thing cheap sex dolls are made of. You know, the ones that aren’t an update from Skynet away from seriously fucking things up for the rest of us.

        And yes, I have seen them before, but not as a car acessory. That’s what I meant.

      • They clips that are not of the band, is from a movie called tomme tønner (empty barrels) Surprisingly good gangster comedy type movie, about smalltime criminals trying to make it big on moonshine. its like the norwegian version of Snatch. Everything goes to shit:P

    • A thought just occured, as they sometimes do.

      I wonder what Finnish rednecks are like. I know what Finnish-American rednecks are like; I live where there are a lot of Finns and those of Finnish descent (plus plenty of rednecks who aren’t Finn), but I’m talking the real deal here.

      They could do reindeer metal, but not the kind that pull sleighs around. Zombie deer that seriously fuck your day up.

  2. Fuck, that was great. I need more. MORE.

  3. Am I the only one who hoped that “Bear Metal” was metal actually made by bears?

    Either the forest dwelling variety, or the hairy-gay variety. Either way’s good.


    • First good laugh I’ve had this afternoon. Thank you sir. Honestly, though, I didn’t think the music would be made entirely by bears, but I WAS hoping for at least one grizzly in the band. I mean, you can train bears to dance apparently. Why not train them to do some genuinely bearlike death-metal vocals? I tell you what, if you had a bear as a frontman, you wouldn’t have to take shit from anyone.

      • I suppose one could make it work. Some bands have dogs as frontmen… er, frontcanines and birds have also gotten in on the action. There are probably others; sloths could probably front a sludge or drone band, for example.

        • I would LOVE to see a sloth on stage at the next Neurosis concert I catch. I don’t know what kind of sounds a sloth makes, but even getting one to just grunt every now and then and otherwise just sway back and forth, slothfully, would be a an excellent accent to the show.

    • lol yeah, I read the title and thought “ok, this is where the Caninus/Hatebeak shit gets serious”. I mean, a real bear as singer? that would be awesome (for at least 15 minutes).

      and as for “bear metal” goes, I guess this is way more “bear” (maybe a little less metal).

  4. I love that dude’s voice. Excellent find.

  5. It was like watching stillwater play a backyard babies song.

  6. Crap — here am I stuck at a wedding with no ability to look up stillwater or backyard babies. I hope I’m not too wasted to do it when i get home. I mean look up those two whatever-they-ares.

    • Stillwater was the band from almost famous.

      Backyard babies is a Swedish sleeze band. They’re like veins of jenna and hardcore superstar.

  7. Noweigian Rednecks… Only in metal…

  8. Bear metal: slow, lumbering, fuzzy, dirty, and will rip open your face for a Slim Jim. I get it.

  9. The song is featured in a norwegian film called “Tomme Tønner”. That’s why the musicvideo is so confusing : )

    • One good thing about that: since I don’t speak Norwegian, I could find this movie, turn the sound off, and watch it while listening to the whole Svölk album. It could be like an “album video”!

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