Aug 172011

(Here’s a quick music recommendation from TheMadIsraeli. Djeathcore anyone?)

Ever since The Contortionist came on the scene and introduced the concept of melodic deathcore infused with djent (or as I’ve deemed it, djeathcore) fewer bands have tried to adopt this style than you’d expect. I’ve only heard two other bands doing this, and they’re doing it well: an up and coming band (whose EP will be reviewed here soon) called Substructures, and these guys, Aristeia. I just stumbled upon what I’m under the impression is this band’s second EP, The Era Of The Omnipotent — and it’s killer stuff.

This is an assault of furious blasting, brutal grooving, and beautiful ambience all in a tight, consistent, 6-song package. Syncopated grooves, blast beasts, brutal 7-string chuggathons, all with nice, emotional melodies and some awesome mood setting-ambience. I’m not reviewing this, I’m just telling you to stop fucking around, pick this up, and support these guys. Songs from the album are after the jump . . .

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aristeia is Hugo Vasquez (guitar), Hugo Carreon (bass), and Mark Pacheco (drums), from California. To dig deeper into Aristeia, you can find them on facebook here, and you can find Era of the Omnipotent on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

  3 Responses to “ARISTEIA”

  1. I didn’t really know what to expect from djeathcore…but I liked it pretty well. Certainly nothing to make me dislike it.

    I was kind of reminded of the newest Born of Osiris album, which was pretty damn good.

    Over all, I liked what I heard! Good find, Mr. TheMadIsreali!

  2. Is Era of the Omnipotent available on CD..?
    I hate iTunes. I must have official physical albums.

    • I know the feeling — but I don’t know of anyplace that’s selling CDs, and don’t know if the band had any made when the EP released. If you’re on FB, you might try leaving a question on their wall (the link is up in the post).

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