Aug 272011

(In sympathy with our brothers and sisters on the East Coast who are enduring Hurricane Irene, our second post of this Saturday is TheMadIsraeli’s review of the free EP from a Hungarian musical hurricane called Meankind.)

Who exactly is this dynamic duo who dare to call themselves Meankind?

That’s right.  The most boss of metal duo’s ever.  Extreme high-speed death metal offered in short doses on this band’s debut EP 22.Zero is what you get.  Meankind can do melodic, atonal, brutal, grooving — you name it, and Meankind will write a riff that will suit your needs. (more after the jump . . .)

Guitarist Tamás Pencs unleashes hard, intense riffs ridden with wild abandon.  Vocalist Péter Kelner has a BEASTLY gutteral growl of epic proportions.  I haven’t heard a death metal vocalist this convincing and this consuming in a long time.  The drums (or according to their FB, “Mustache”) are played by non-official member Zoltán Baki, and he really knows how to tear shit up.

The thing that sticks out about 22.Zero, that gives it a unique feel, is that the band is playing death metal using an extremely digitized-sounding djent production.  It fits the music very well and makes the band sound like they’re smashing glass baseball bats on your skull, turning your brain into a shard-littered pile of mush.  What drives me nuts is that Tamás Pencs is also the guy behind the band Absent Distance, a band I can’t stand for the life of me.  Guess you really can’t judge a book by its cover.  These guys are onto something here, and I strongly suggest you grab this EP.  It’s free after all.

WHAT’S THAT?!  FREE YOU SAY!?  Why yes, this band did the smart thing and released their music for free.  You can grab 22.Zero here:

  29 Responses to “SHORT BUT SWEET: MEANKIND”

  1. Fast death metal as musical accompaniment for chess. What a great idea! But probably best used for speed chess on the clock. Do metalheads outside of Székesfehérvár play chess?

  2. I’m actually a chess player myself. I enjoy the strategy and tangoing with another human mind.

  3. No but, I should from now on.

  4. That video was awesome!!

    Maybe it was my speakers, but the production was a bit…off for the bass. (As in, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, too much.) But otherwise, I quite loved the music!!!

    And chess. My dad plays. He tried to get his children to play. It was a failed experiment. I cannot understand strategy. I get it abstractly, but my feeble brain can’t put it into action. Still, lots of respect for the game and it’s players.

  5. I’m currently chatting with Tamas Pencs right now. HE TOLD ME THEY DID THIS ALL IN ONE WEEK. Writing. Recording. The video. All of it.

    • Can you tell him that when I’m rich and famous I’ll give him half of everything I have just for being awesome?

    • Well, that’s . . . humbling. The video is just great — a nice change of pace to see a death-metal vid with a sense of humor. And chess. Let’s not forget the chess.

      • Most death metal vids have humor…it’s just unfortunate that so many bands don’t realize they’re being funny.

  6. Hard to believe their guitarist also spearheads these guys.

  7. I only play Star Trek style multi-level chess.

    Against super-computers.

    Mere human minds are no match for my stunning intellect.

  8. My friends and I play what we humbly call Apocalypse Chess. Buy a cheap set. Any time you take your opponent’s piece, you have to destroy it spectacularly. And at the end of the game you burn the board. It’s a lot of fun and extremely limb-threatening when you’re drunk.

    Also, this song, video and band kick so much fucking ass their boots are brown.

    • There’s clearly a market for disposable chess sets. Who knew? I think it would be cool to set the captured pieces on fire and leave them on the board while the game continues.

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