Aug 282011

Yesterday I spent some time on Blabbermouth catching up with metal news I’d missed over the last week. One of the reports caught my eye. It was about Century Media’s signing of a UK death metal band called Vallenfyre. Here’s what I read:

Just like SONNE ADAM from Israel, VALLENFYRE debuted with a seven-inch single on the underground label Imperium Productions and also shares a similar approach of mixing classic death metal with doom and in case of VALLENFYRE some British crust on top.

Commented Jens Prueter, head of A&R, Century Media Records Europe: “I was already blown away by VALLENFYRE’s old-school orgy of doomy and crusty death metal riffs when I heard the first demo last winter and the new seven-inch sounds even better. So I couldn’t hesitate to offer them a deal straight away. That’s how we signed GRAVE and ASPHYX over 20 years ago β€” and we all know that it was a good decision. So welcome to another chapter of Century Media’s death metal legacy.

“VALLENFYRE’s debut album, A Fragile King, is already recorded and will be released in late October 2011.

“If you like a mix of early ENTOMBED, CELTIC FROST, AUTOPSY and AMEBIX, you should hurry up to buy the last few copies of the ‘Desecration’ seven-inch single, which was limited to only 500 copies by Imperium Productions.”

All that peaked my curiosity, even making allowances for the well-tuned PR hype. So, I poked around to learn more about this band — and found almost nothing. But what I did find has gotten me extremely interested in this album. (more after the jump . . .)

I didn’t find a Metal Archives entry or a facebook or myspace page or any YouTube clips or any reviews or news articles, other than about a jillion web sites that merely reproduced that press release I quoted before the jump. I didn’t find anyplace where I could download that seven-inch single, legally or illegally. What I did find was a player on Soundcloud that included parts of the two songs that are included on the single — “Desecration” and “Iconoclast”.

Listening to this sampler was torture — torture, because the samples sound fucking awesome, but I couldn’t even listen to the two songs as a whole. I decided the best way to purge my tortured feelings of frustration would be to torture you. I feel better already. Listen to this — you can bet your ass you’ll be hearing more from us about Vallenfyre as soon as we find something else to report.

[soundcloud url=”″]

P.S. From the photo I found, the members of Vallenfyre look mature enough to have been metalling for a while, with other outfits. If you happen to know any more about this band or its members, leave us a comment. Yeah, I know that all will eventually be revealed, but Impatient is one of my middle names.

  20 Responses to “VALLENFYRE”

  1. HAHAHA, I know everything about this band, I know who is in it, I have heard the album, everything!!
    Honestly, good friends with 2 members of the band, obviously at the moment I’m supposed to be keeping all the details quiet until an official press release so this is all I’ll say – you are in for a fucking treat!!
    Order from here –
    I just ordered 2 copies on yellow vinyl, seemed to be the last 2 copies.

    • OMFG! You lucky bastard! And yeah, you did just get the last two copies of the yellow vinyl because I saw them at that site yesterday and now they’re gone. I guess it’s silly to get this excited based on parts of only two songs, but I can’t help it — I am SO stoked to hear this album.

      • You are NOT going to believe the line-up when it’s revealed, little bit of a super-group.
        And for when it’s revealed, it’s the rhythm guitarist and vocalist that I know, speaking of which, I’m off to the guitarists house for beers soon, he’s teaching me bass πŸ™‚
        Honestly if I was allowed I’d have told you about this project last year, I know the kind of DM that pushes your buttons and this is it!

  2. WOW, fucking crushing stuff, definitely looking forward to hearing more
    – A new fan in Sequim, Wa

    • Hey, welcome! Nice to have a reader from the only place in Western Washington that sees sun in the wintertime. πŸ™‚

      • Sun? What the hell is that? It’s just a myth to keep the retirees and their $$ coming into town.

        • I did wonder whether that was all hype, though the two times I actually went to Sequim in the wintertime, I actually did see the sun. For the benefit of other non-Western-Washington readers, I also have to say that I love the way the town’s name is pronounced — “Squim”. It sounds related in some way to cephalopodic sex.

  3. Wow, titanic is right. Dark guitars and deep vocals, just the way I like it. πŸ™‚

  4. ME GUSTA! Im usually not into this style of metal, but this hits the nerve and oh it feels soo good

  5. Really good stuff…the kind of death metal I enjoy most. Hope you’ll keep us in the loop when they finally release the full length

  6. Sounds fantastic! Can’t wait for it to turn up on iTunes or similar online retailer!

  7. I also was intrigued when I recently came across that press release. Thanks for digging up what you could find, for the sake of your readers. Looking forward to hearing more…


    The only kind.

  9. So, has anyone got their 7″ yet? Any reviews?

  10. Check out the news on blabbermouth!!!

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