Sep 062011

Last Thursday, we published BadWolf’s review of Abzu, the next album from Absu. Judging from our internet stats on BadWolf’s post, a lot of people seem to be anxiously awaiting this album, and very interested in hearing what it has to offer. Well, now you can have your first taste of Abzu.

Pitchfork Media, whose audience is somewhat bigger than our own, sort of in the way that Goliath is somewhat bigger than Bambi, was selected to premiere “Abraxas Connexus”, and that song is now streaming RIGHT HERE.

The song is also now available for download via iTunes as a single at this location.

That is all.

  4 Responses to “ABSU PREMIERES A NEW SONG”

  1. So far “Abraxus Connexus” is my favourite track off the album… good choice to release as a teaser IMO.


    OMG ABSU, I LOVE SANTANA TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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