Sep 062011

Let’s see now, it was August 7 when we decided to give away NCS t-shirts featuring the eye-catching Dan Arena poster for our fictitious FUCKING GOOD PANCAKE TOUR. Once we had that idea, we jumped on it faster than the crack of a bullwhip, speedier than a bullet fired from a high-powered rifle, so fast that if we’d been flying we’d have created a sonic boom.

Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating just a bit. We actually moved on the idea more like this:

But, we’ve actually made real progress. (more after the  jump . . .)

We’ve now lined up a shirt printer, we’ve paid our deposit, the order is in, and we’re told that the shirts will be done in less than 2 weeks. And then, we’ll package them up and ship them off to everyone who has requested a shirt. And by the way, we ordered 115 shirts instead of 100, and so we’ve still got shirts available to those who want them, sizes S through 2XL.

Remember, this offer is only good while supplies last and, at least for now, is only open to residents of the U.S. and Canada. To repeat, all we ask is that you actually wear these things if you request one. That seems like a heavy enough price to pay — so there’s no charge for the shirts or for the shipping. If you want a shirt and haven’t asked for one yet, e-mail me your name, mailing addres, and size at:

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, GO HERE and HERE. Hasta la vista.

  11 Responses to “NCS T-SHIRT UPDATE”

  1. Yahoo!!

    Massive wall of penis!

  2. If my massive wall of penis lasts for more than 4 hours, would you recommend calling a doctor?

  3. I’d really love to order a ncs t-shirt (something minimalistic in black). Do you ship to Europe? Will you come up with a shop? You site rules.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I’m keeping a separate list of people outside North America who want a shirt, and we may expand this to international orders after we get the North American orders in the mail, so go ahead and send me your address and shirt size to the e-mail address in the post. All the shirts will be black, of course.

      I’ve been thinking about opening a bait shop next to the old refrigerator and the two cars that are up on blocks in my front yard. Is that what you were thinking about?

  4. In time for the Opeth/Katatonia show? JAWRAWSAWSOME!

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