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Let’s start with a confession: I can’t stand Dave Mustaine. Really can’t stand him. I do my best to avoid reading anything he says, but it’s difficult because  he just WILL. NOT. SHUT. UP.

Another confession: I’m not a huge Megadeth fan. Never have been. Among “The Big Four”, I was much more into Metallica and Slayer. But — I’m also bored shitless reading about The Big Four. All of them. BORED. SHITLESS.

I’m making these confessions so you’ll understand that when I say the new Megadeth song is good, it’s not the reaction of a slobbering fanboy or an effort by an ambitious metal blogger to give a knob-job to the Old Gods. I just really like the damned song. It’s called “Public Enemy No. 1”, and it started streaming today on the official Megadeth web page (here). Of course, it has already made its way to YouTube. Listen to it after the jump. It fucken rocks.

By the way, though I suppose it’s pretty damned obvious, the album cover art for the next Megadeth album, TH1RT3EN, has also been revealed. It’s by John Lorenzi.


  1. Spelling “thirteen” with a three used to replace an “e” should come with mandatory public lashings. Preferably with a snake.

    The song sounds like a bad rip off of a Children of Bodom Song. But the lyrics are just…what the fuck? Really? “Crimes unrepeatable”?? What could Dave Mustaine possibly do that was so criminal? At least sing about relatable things like tentacle rape or massive walls of penis.

    • I just pretend it’s not Dave Mustaine singing. Then the lyrics are tolerable. But yes, the song would have been so much more interesting if he had just repeated “Massive wall of penis!” over and over and over.

      I guess it does sound a bit like COB, particularly that galloping riff at about 3:15. Megadeth did come first, though.

  2. Can’t stand Dave Mustaine: strongly agree.
    Not a huge Megadeth fan: strongly agree.
    This song fucken rocks: meh.

    In fact I am going to go out on a limb here… I can usually find SOMEthing to like about almost anything, and I DID really like the first Megadeth album (‘Killing is My Business…’) but I did not like this song at all. Fleetwood mac rocks harder than this.


    I think this says everything that needs to said about Dave Mustaine.

    I do like the song, though.

    • That does say an awful lot about him…

    • Shit. That made me want to puke blood. And in what encyclopedia is Megadeth considered death metal?

      • In the encyclopedia where AC/DC is considered heavy metal.

        I’ve met people who thought Marilyn Manson was death metal.

        • I think death metal’s become kind of a catch-all term for any metal that’s “scary” to other people. When non-metalheads ask me what kind of music I like, I usually just say “death metal” because people understand it as anything from Slayer to Rotten Sound, and when I used to just say “heavy metal” people would go “Oh…like Slipknot?”

          • Hahahaha!

            I had a job interview yesterday for a marketing position. I know nothing about marketing, so I kept coming back to music and how bands go out of their way to present a certain image. (It’s all marketing, right?)

            So, the interviewer asks me what kind of music I like. I say rock (because I’m pretty sure “heavy metal” is NEVER the right answer to that question in a job interview), and now he wants to know what bands I like. So, I figure I’ll stump him quick and get on with the next question, and I say “Iron Maiden”. Oh, turns out he’s a metal head. But this is Japan, and death metal is still kinda iffy in these parts, but he wants to hear more band names. I eventually give him Origin, since I don’t want to come up with something TOO fucked up. He seemed to appreciate the fact that I liked death vocals. (Exactly his words: “death voice”.)

            Pretty sure I didn’t get the job, but he did tell me there’s a heavy metal bar around here…that’s good to know.

            • Maybe there’s a moral to this story. Maybe next time you should just come right out with Cannibal Corpse and Analdicktion.

              • If I’d known at the beginning how little they would offer me in terms of salary, I probably would have.

                I did mention the Sex Machineguns and Anti Feminism though. (Both Japanese bands.)

                • I mentioned that I liked Cannibal Corpse and Gorgasm in a college class about religion, and the professor (who is a kindly old man who used to work for the Episcopalian Diocese) kind of raised his eyebrows and looked shocked. He later saw me discreetly headbanging in a coffee shop and laughed and said “Let me guess, death metal?” It still makes me kind of chuckle whenever I think about it.

    • I’m waiting for the day God tells him he needs to change the band’s name to “Megalife”.

  4. Song was not bad. It felt a lot more like stuff from Countdown to Extinction than anything on Endgame. Maybe Megadeth goes through cycles with their sound?

    • I’m now teetering on the fence about whether to actually get this album and listen to the whole thing. Which would be the first time in a long time that I’ve done that. But I’m still going to wait to hear more.

  5. Dave is a dick but the man can play the shit out of a guitar. I’m sure this album will find its way into my home. Megadeth is one of the first bands that I got my son into and he’s become a bigger fan than me. I don’t think MegaDave will ever top Rust in Peace.

  6. Song briefly kicks ass around 3:15….. for a few seconds

  7. I still enjoy Megadeth to this day. So what if Dave isn’t exactly the best singer out there, he can play circles around many a guitarist and is still able to put together decent songs. Megadeth may have peaked years ago, but they haven’t come a total mockery of themselves since then. Dave’s douchbaaggery of the past and persistent dickheadedness (which is far less than it once was) probably makes it so that a lot of people don’t give him as much of a chance, which is a shame. But such is the way of metal.

    As for the new song, I’m reminded a bit of Rust In Peace (“Hangar 18” in particular) with elements of later albums layered on top. Yeah, not the best stuff Dave’s done, but it’s not total shit either.

    Hopefully this album gets more promotion than Endgame did, or at the the attempt to do something with it. From everything I’ve read (and not just what Dave’s said), Roadrunner didn’t do a whole lot. Sorry, but a label does have a responsibility to the band with an album’s release. Maybe they thought the Megadeth name was enough to move units.

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