Sep 082011

Last year, Andy Synn reviewed After the Burial’s 2010 album, In Dreams, and was underwhelmed. I was, too. After high expectations, it was indeed one of the most disappointing releases of the year. I have a sad feeling that ATB has left the brilliant days of Rareform behind forever.

So I really can’t explain why I watched the band’s just released official video for an In Dreams song called “Pendulum”. There are moments in the song when the band latches onto a riff that at least conjures up memories of Rareform, but the rest of the song just comes way too close to generic metalcore.

I guess the video is an attempt to sex-up the song, or rather convince everyone that it will sex you up if you listen to it. Y’know, take a stereotype of repressed teenagers (girls in a Catholic school) and show how they get all uninhibited and rebellious when listening to the rad music of ATB. I thought it was a little creepy, in addition to being grossly cliched. So, why am I including it in today’s NCS posts? Fuck if I know. Anyway, the video is after the jump.


  1. Well, the song was boring. And now I’m pretty sure cops are coming to my house to arrest me for watching kiddie porn.

    Thanks, NCS!

  2. So, I missed the part about tonguing each other in the title of the post, and so independently had the thought “If this were a truly bad video, the girls would be so liberated by the shitty music that they would start making out. But that would be too stupid to actually happen.” And…and then it did. (And then I saw that you had said that in the title and felt silly)

    • I think that just proves the point about how cliched and predictable this video is.

      • Yeah, pretty much

        Also, I have a hard time taking seriously anyone who screams about “picking up the pieces of my broken heart.”

        • Well, clearly you have never been a 14 year old girl and could never understand the depths of love, pain, anguish, and treachery that they deal with on a daily basis.

          You cold, unfeeling asshole.

          • I am a warm, sensitive asshole, thank you very much. And by that, I mean it’s too hot in here and teh slightest touch sends knives of pain throughout my entire body.

            As for understanding pain and anguish, I used to listen to Disturbed on a regular basis, and David Draiman uses the word “suffering” like he’s being paid to.

  3. Sad that they turned to pseudodjentcore like everyone else.

  4. They lied about the location. That’s the University of St. Thomas.

  5. The least those girls could have done was gone into full blown lesbian orgy to make up for the craptastic music.

    And is it me, or has metalcore devolved into the spot previously held by the 80’s hair bands?

    I will give ATB kudo’s for having their target audience in their vidoe. They have that going for them, which is nice.

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