Sep 122011

I’m pretty sure I first discovered Sweden’s Lifelover via a comment on this site by Johan Huldtgren (Obitus) and then through his inclusion of the band’s 2007 album Erotik on a “Best of the Decade” list he compiled and allowed us to post as a guest contrbution here. This morning, NCS writer BadWolf e-mailed me about the news that on the night of the 9th September, Jonas Bergqvist a.k.a. ‘B’, the founding member, main composer, and guitarist of Lifelover, died unexpectedly. The cause of his death is still unclear and has yet to be established.

The band’s label, Prophecy, released this statement:  “The message of Jonas’s passing came as a surprise to the Prophecy team. Hence, we lack the appropriate words for this tragic event. To us, Jonas wasn’t just a very creative artist, but also a pleasant and enthusiastic person. It is for certain that we won’t be the only ones missing his character, his passion, and his unique musical language. In the face of this tragic loss, we would very much like to extend our heartfelt condolence towards Jonas’s family, his friends, and the remaining musicians of Lifelover.”

Shit happens, musicians die, and I don’t do a very good job of noting on this site when it happens. But I’ve grown to really appreciate this band’s music, and so I thought this was worth a mention. After the jump, a few Lifelover songs, the legacy that Jonas Bergqvist has left behind.


  1. ive been a huge fan of Lifelover since last year when i discovered them, he is gone but his music will live on. RIP

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