Sep 122011

(TheMadIsraeli fired off this post about a new, free EP from a band based in Stockholm, Sweden.)

This is a short three-song EP from a band only known as Means End, and I strongly suggest you check it out. This is djent of the highest order, taking a step back from modern conventions and going back more to the established sound of Textures and Meshuggah than anything else. The melodic transitions in these three songs are AMAZING and haunting. Never straight-forward and always alien. There are those nice djent grooves we’re accustomed to, but expect more along the lines of Meshuggah’s Nothing then TesseracT’s One.

Check it out. The EP is free, so you have no good reason not to grab this.  (after the jump, some tracks to hear and the download link . . .)

You can get the EP courtesy of the band here:

  6 Responses to “MEANS END”

  1. There’s a beautiful chaos to the first song. It’s like someone took a melody, shoved it in a baby, and then shoved the whole thing in a blender. And it sounds great!

  2. The melody in the chorus especially is amazing to me.

  3. I’m hearing it too.. time to download!

  4. You can support the band at their Bandcamp

  5. So… I noticed there are clean vocals… and you guys are called What gives?

    • Well, mickey, that’s a good question. It does seem to confuse people, until you understand that confusing people is our mission in life.

      But seriously, we’ve always had what we call “exceptions to the rule”, where we permit clean singing to intrude into our site on a limited basis where the music is too good to ignore, despite the clean singing. It does seem to be intruding more than it used to. One of our writers thinks we ought to add punctuation to the blog title: “No, Clean SInging!”

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