Sep 122011

(Another short blast from TheMadIsraeli, and this time the subject is a debut EP from San Diego’s Corelia.)

Corelia, a progressive metalcore band with slight djent nuances, has been working on this EP for quite a while, during which they’ve been hyped for their supposed balance of great songwriting without sacrificing a sliver of technicality.  I’m here to say they accomplished this mission, as their debut EP Nostalgia is some piece of work.

Corelia take the groove and wackiness of Sikth and combine it with the melodic sensibilities and power-metal oriented clean vocal style of prog metallers Protest The Hero and turn it into something truly awe-inspiring and daze-inducing.  Sure, there are some less intense, more focused moments, but otherwise you’re being sucked into a tornado of blazing tech riffing, flawless atonal-to-melodic  transitions, and some of the best brutal-to-clean vocal interplay you’re going to hear in recent months.

This isn’t gonna be a long review as I’m doing that next-level guerilla-music-blogging shit (ie, I’m doing this on campus between classes).  I’ll just have the Bandcamp player for the EP embedded after the jump.  For fans of… Sikth, Protest The Hero, Aliases and… Periphery, I guess?  Sounds about right.

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