Sep 122011

“I’m a huge nerd that’s why.”

Our thanks go out to Trollfiend for this inspired piece of artwork and for the answer to the question it poses. This greeted my eyes when I crawled out of bed this morning and turned on the computer, which was about 5 minutes ago. Long story short, I didn’t get much blogging done yesterday, didn’t finish this morning’s first post before collapsing into slumber last night, overslept, and wondered what I would post this morning while I finished what I started yesterday. Now I know.

Please talk among yourselves while I wake up. You got any coffee? That would sure help. A less meaningful but longer post will be coming soon.

  33 Responses to “LATE TO THE PARTY”

  1. AHAHAHAHAHHA. AHA.AHAHAHHAHAHA.That picture made my morning. And I am currently drinking coffee, as it happens. I’ll try to use the psychic teleportation powers that all coffee drinkers possess to send you some. Although you’re rather far away, as I recall, so I can’t promise anything.

  2. Trolly…that graphic made my balls rocket up into my belly in horror.


  3. It bothers me when comments get stuck at numbers ending with nine. I really just drives me nuts (unless the number is 69).

    So, this post exists just so the number of comments is 30.

    Also, I wanted to say that:
    Yo’mamma so fat, when she farts, it takes so long to get from her anus to outside her buttcracks, her fart from last Tuesday just went fttttttttttttttthhhhhhhbttttttttt!

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