Sep 112011

I am looking forward to September 16 for a couple of reasons, but one of them is that Grave will be playing in Seattle that night, along with Blood Red Throne, Pathology, Gigan, and more. It will be my first time to see all of these bands. I’m expecting a slaughterifically stupendous night of metal.

On September 7, this tour stopped in Cleveland, Ohio for a show at Peabody’s. When Grave played “For Your God”, it was filmed in 1080p high-definition using multiple cameras by Ken Kitt and Kim Schleeper. The edited result is in the video clip above.

Grave, of course, is fronted by Ola Lindgren, the inventor of The Lindgren Diet, which we’ve been promoting here at NCS (most recently in this post). We’re due for a diet plan update soon. I’ve been on the diet, and I still don’t look like Ola Lindgren, but I’m being patient. Enjoy the video, and of course, the rest of your fucking day as well.

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