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Today, Dark Tranquillity and Century Media posted to YouTube a new official video for a new song called “Zero Distance”. The song will appear on a special tour edition of the We Are the Void album, which was originally released in 2010. The special tour edition will be released in Europe on October 24. Here’s a statement from DT’s Niklas Sundin:

“Zero Distance” was recorded at the same time as the “We Are The Void” album, but due to its different nature we decided to keep it for later use. The time is now right to unveil the song, as well as the other rare/bonus material recorded at the same time, in a massive “We Are The Void” tour edition package. In addition to the added songs and liner notes by Mikael, there’s also a live DVD capturing some special moments during the 150-and-counting gigs in support of the album.”

The music video for “Zero Distance” is the first produced by Aduro Labs (, which is a new film/production enterprise co-founded by DT’s own Niklas Sundin. The video is fun to watch, and the song is . . . well, it’s Dark Tranquillity, but you should just listen to it for yourself. The video is right after the jump, along with a track listing for both the CD and the DVD within the tour edition of We Are the Void.

Track Listing: We Are the Void (Tour Edition)

1. Shadow in Our Blood
2. Dream Oblivion
3. The Fatalist
4. In My Absence
5. The Grandest Accusation
6. At The Point Of Ignition
7. Her Silent Language
8. Arkhangelsk
9. I Am The Void
10. Surface The Infinite
11. Iridium
12. Zero Distance*
13. Out of Gravity
14. Star Of Nothingness
15. To Where Fires Cannot Feed
16. The Bow And The Arrow

previously unreleased

1. Shadow In Our Blood (promo video)
2. Dream Oblivion (live @ With Full Force 2010)
3. The Fatalist (Live @ London 2010)
4. The Grandest Accusation (promo video)
5. Iridium (Live @ Summer Breeze 2010)
6. Iridium (promo video)
7. Zero Distance (promo video)


  1. The song was pretty good. It sounded a lot more barebones than what I expected from Dark Tranquility.

    The video was neat, but it felt more like a demo reel than a video VIDEO. But at least it was pretty.

    • When I first saw your comment, I read “barebones” as “barbarous”, and I thought that fit. Actually, I think both words fit — this is more barebones and more barbarous than most of what’s on the original release of thus album. I like it.

  2. This song kicks so much ass it’s dirty. Things just couldn’t get any better as I had heard, only couple days earlier that DT would be coming to Finland in December. That makes it 2/3 of the ‘Gothenburg sound’ bands seen within 1 month, In Flames + DT!! Not to mention Ghost Brigade and Omnium Gatherum next week. AND a possible Insomnium next month. Helluva Autumn 2011! KIPPIS!

  3. Great Video but one question. Where is Martin?

    Dont get me wrong Im a fan of Mikael but youd figure at least a glimpse of the others would be in the video. With that being said, major improvement from their other videos, the videos have always been DT’s weak point IMO.

  4. I liked the song, but it’s an example of a trend that I wish would die a painful, miserable death. Re-releasing an album (Special Edition, tour Editions, whatever) with extra material, a song here, expanded liner notes there, live stuff sometimes. At least DT didn’t do this as quickly as some new versions of new albums are, but I have to say it kind of sucks. Some may not mind, but I would think that as least some of the people that bought We Are The Void do mind.

    Yes, I have bought a couple albums that have been second releases, but I probably would not have done so had I bought the album when it first came out; coversely, I have ignored a few as well, happy with the album that I already bought, not convince that another song or even a handful of live recordings is worth buying it again.

    I like the song though. And I don’t have We Are The Void in my collection yet.

    • I think you have a valid criticism. I’m sure the marketing objective is to push some potential buyers over the edge into getting the album if they didn’t do that with the original release, or sucking more money out of die-hard collectors, but I’m sure it’s annoying to many fans who got We Are the Void when it was first released. It would be less annoying if the label would release the new song as a single when the tour edition comes out, though I guess that might undermine those marketing objectives.

      • The tour edition also has “The Bow And The Arrow”, which should have been on the record itself.

        Random fact: I pre-ordered the American edition as part of a large cd order, saving me a lot of money overall – when it arrived I found that the American edition digipak is different to the Euro one – the Euro edition has a cut out “void” in the centre, where you can insert the inlay. However clearly fearing the gripping and tearing thumbs of your massive American hands, the US-digipak is a solid front.

        Also, weirdly, I received a second package about a week later containing another inlay, of a different colour to the usual one, signed by the whole band. So now I have an American edition digipak, with two inlays, of different colours and artwork, with all the bands’ signatures. Odd.

        • “However clearly fearing the gripping and tearing thumbs of your massive American hands, the US-digipak is a solid front.” The funniest thing I’ve read today. And btw, Andy, on behalf of all your American friends and their thumbs, allow me to say fuck you. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

      • As I’ve alluded to, it’s worse when such a re-release comes only a matter of months following the original release, often the same price (depending on where you get it, plus whether it’s a physical copy or digital copy) or lower. I understand it’s a marketing move, but unlike the use of bonus tracks for releases in Japan (as an example), it’s also kind of a dick move.

        Apparently, these extra editions don’t count as separate releases as far a shipments and sales are concerned, so I guess that’s a good thing. It would suck if re-releases and re-issues didn’t stack and there are plenty of releases that would lose ground if this were the case.

  5. DT have a habit of reissuing their albums. They released a tour edition for Fiction (the Euro edition was packaged in a gorgeous digibook featuring new art work as well), and they remastered Projector, Haven and Damage Done and reissued those a few years ago with new artwork too. And as I love collecting reissues that are properly packaged (and DT) — I have purchased all the aforementioned reissues. So it’s a marketing gimmick that generally works IMO.

    • True, some bands’ reissues are worth it. On the same token, there are bands and labels known for doing this on a regular basis and some, like myself, may choose to hold off on buying a new album to see if there’s going to be a superior version offered a bit later that may actually be worth waiting for. Marketing gimmick or no, it’s a bit of a gamble. Some will buy the new editions without question, while many others are going to hesitate if one suspects that there’ll be a second release of the album before the next one is done.

  6. I thought this video was pretty awesome, lots of cool folkloric imagery.

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